10 Laws of Social Media Marketing You Should Abide By

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Do you want to lead a successful social media marketing campaign?

Do you want to give your startup the strongest boost?

It’s a new world when you can start a company with just an idea and a laptop. It’s a whole new world where social media marketing yields the highest potential for elevating your customers. Social media marketing is the philosopher’s stone for building a customer base.

90% of all marketers attributed more exposure for their businesses to social media efforts. ~ Social Media Examiner, 2015

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing a buzzword in today’s world. We all like to think that we know a little about it. After all, most of us have a Facebook account, don’t we? However, only using Facebook or Twitter doesn’t make one an expert in social media marketing.

Because the success here in the networking realm involves understanding its fundamentals. Social media marketing is becoming more competitive. You can lose out to a competitor at the drop of a hat!

So, how can you your startup the strongest foundation?

What do the successful online marketers apply anyways?

Truth is, there are no shortcuts to success in social media marketing. However, there are proven ways you can adopt for giving your business traction.

In this article, I discussed 10 laws that you should abide by to your social media marketing foundation.

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

  1. Listen to Your Customers – what type of online content attracts your target audience? You wouldn’t know about their likes and dislikes, unless you research them. Join discussions and find out about their likes and dislikes. Then, tap into their interests with desired content.

#Remember, on social media, it’s not the loudest who are heard, it’s the people with useful content.

#Takeaway – publish content that adds value to your viewers’ lifestyle.

  1. Never Disregard Data – your social media marketing campaign should be data-driven. The biggest advantage social media over conventional media is that you get to publish ads based on specific customers. Various social media sites have special tools you can use to obtain valuable data.

#Takeaway – use right data to build the profile of your potential customer.

  1. Focus on a Certain Group of Audience – it’s a misconception that you have to publish all types of content to increase traffic. No, you should focus on your ideal audience. And, publish content accordingly.

#Remember, heavily-focused social media campaign

#Takeaway – form your social media and content marketing strategy according to your ideal customer.

  1. Quality Is Better Than Quantity – one quality article is better than a hundred poorly written articles. Therefore, focus on writing a quality article that adds value. Avoid churning out articles of little to no value at all.

#Takeaway – publish that solves a problem of your viewers and eases their lifestyle.

  1. Stay Committed – success usually doesn’t appear overnight. Unless you have the Aladdin’s mantle lamp, you have stay determined to achieve positive results.

#Pro Tip – be patient if you want to achieve the results you’re looking for.

  1. The Law of Compounding – if your content is high quality and valuable, you’ll be able to build a quality following base as well. Your followers are also likely to share your content with their followers.

#Takeaway – manage cross-platform marketing campaign and encourage your audience to keep sharing.

  1. Keep Your Influencers Closer – key players within your niche know what works best. Follow them, ask them for their guidance and opinion. And, if possible, ask them to promote your brand.

#Takeaway – connect with influencers in your niche and build a network that benefits mutually.

  1. Be the Problem-Solver – do not always look to increase conversions. Focus on creating content that solves your audience’s problem. If you push your products and services all the time, people may stop following you.

#Takeaway – try building relationships with your audience and inform them.

#Pro Tip – publish short videos on life hacks or another effective way to use your product or service.

  1. Value Everyone – nothing speaks louder than poorly handled customer support. Do not ignore or slam someone for their opinion on your product/service. Ask them how you can improve their experience for the future.

#Takeaway – without a customer, your brand is nothing. So, value your customers.

  1. Give and Take – people want to follow because your brand has something for them. Don’t always expect sharing from people, unless you’re willing to do the same. Encourage people to share their content with you for publication.

#Pro Tip – arrange a competition and encourage your audience to participate. It could be a competition of photography. Or, ask your customers to share their experience with your product or service. Then, publish their experience.


Success in the digital marketing industry lies in social media marketing efforts. If you still don’t have a social media marketing campaign, then you’re lagging behind big-time. And, if you’re someone who’s already running a campaign, make sure you nurture it from deep within. In this article, I listed how you can manage a campaign with the greatest potential for success. So, make your campaign follows the laws.

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