20 Ways You Can Drive Social Traffic to Your Website

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Are you looking for the surefire ways to direct traffic to your website?
Let’s be honest, competition for driving traffic is getting tougher every day. Everybody wants a piece of the galactic web of the Internet. New bloggers and new users are joining the stream of information, vying for exposure.
So, how can you make sure people on the Web find your website?
In this article, I listed 20 sure-fire ways one increase their website traffic.
Let’s explore:

1. Facebook Remarketing: whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry, Facebook can be a great promotion tool for you. The trick is to install a Facebook tracking pixel. This way, you can market to the people who have visited your site.

2. Twitter Remarketing: it is similar to Facebook Remarketing. Simply install the pixel to target sites’ visitors on Twitter. It is the way to find out the standard customers from the web. You can easily get traffic through twitter remarketing.

3. Focus on the Ad’s Headline: people these days don’t wanna click through an ad.But, they can read the headline. If your ad’s headline is attractive enough, it could drive people to your site. To get the traffic you have to focus subject related AD’s headline. Otherwise, standard traffic doesn’t focus on your website.

4. Have an Email List: an email list is a handy way to drive traffic. Just have a newsletter opt-in on your website to build an email list. To get targeted customer you have to be engaged the related person. That’s why Emil list collection is a better way to enrich your strategy.

5. Comments: many website owners are scared of the comment section. But, allowing visitors to leave comments will get them involved with your website. So, the comment section is mandatory to your website. You can easily get lots of valuable suggestions by ensuring comment section of your website.

6. Blog: blog works wonders for driving traffic. Study finds people who blogged 2 to 10 posts per week experienced a 300% increase in traffic. There are various learning sources in the web world. No ending options are in this sector. To get enthusiast customer you have to focus blog section of your website.

7. SEO-Optimize your Website: optimize your web content as per SEO. Utilize tools like SEMrush to find out what needs fixing. There are some optimized issues are mandatory to achieve search engine ranking such as maintaining Copyscape score, writing unique articles, highly focus on proper keywords, maintaining transition words and passive voice words, ensuring image optimization etc. Through those SEO-Optimization processes, the search engine can easily get your content and drive your website in a good rank.

8. Promote your Blog Posts on Facebook: have a campaign managing your blog posts on Facebook. Your blogs posts on Facebook can help your procure your target audience. It is a popular way to get the standard customer. Every online person has been promoting their blog posts on Facebook. To get instant result, it is a highly taken system.

9. Expand Your Reach: Utilize the power of social media to extend your reach. Social media caters to a variety of audiences. Yours will certainly be there. Today we are living not just in the world but in the social world. Almost all persons in the world are maintaining their social formalities every day. So, social media platforms are always a great opportunity to get traffic. A proper social strategy of yours can easily drive a huge quantity of traffics to your website.

10. Have an Active and Engaged Campaign: before making others interested in your campaign, you have to be interested in them first. So, make sure you have an active and engaged campaign. If you have no interest in your campaign, traffics don’t offer any standard interest to your site.

11. Build Influential Links: focus on building solid relationships with people. You can eventually convert them into your advocates. If you create any unrelated links in your websites people don’t engage with your site. Building related and influential links are essential for your website.

12. Utilize Social Media Tools: There are a plethora of social media tools that can help you drive traffic to your website. To get traffic from social media, you have to be known to use social media tools.

13. Exchange Blog Posts with Different Sites: build relationships with blogs similar to yours and ask them to promote your content. Promote theirs as well. Exchanging blog posts with different sites will be a great option.

14. Automate Your Emails: utilize marketing automation tools like AutoPilot and HatchBack. They can help you automate your email campaigns. To get the standard customer you have to focus to automate your email. It is a measured way to get attention

15.Contribute: write and share content with websites similar to yours. They can help increase exposure. If you share your websites to similar mediums, you can achieve valuable suggestion from them and reset your plans.

16. Involve: look for ways to engage your visitors with your website. Quizzes are a fun way to get visitors engaged. Besides social media is a great medium to involve with related persons.

17. Twitter Cards: Twitter Cards is a multifunctional tool. You can attach calls to action, images to your tweets with this tool. It is a medium that is related to grow up traffic. So you have to focus on Twitter cards.

18. Have a Content Marketing Strategy: content is king. Make sure you create attractive, actionable and helpful content on the way. A unique and optimized content can through your customers to your website.

19.Partner Up: businesses can thrive if there is the partnership. So, find partners and establish a working relationship. The partnership is necessary not only to grow linking but also to reduce risks.

20. Host a Webcast: you may have expertise in the certain niche. Why not identify your topic and create relevant, engaging conversations? To get targeted traffics you have to focus on to arrange a webcast.


Looking for ways to direct traffic to your website? Follow the tips listed above to increase your exposure on the Web. By the way, If you want targeted traffics, you have to acquire social driving knowledge and implement them perfectly.

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