6 Ways to Use Google+ to Get More Traffic to Your Website

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Do you want to use Google+ to increase your business’s visibility?

Did you know that Google+ now has over 250 million dedicated users?

Google+ is a hugely underestimated social media platform. Under the dominance of Facebook and Pinterest, Google+ is not considered as a great referrer of website marketer. However, content marketers seem to move away from the misconception.

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Enter Google+

It was 6 years ago, in 2011, when Google+ was launched. Many ignored its potential at first. But, more and more brands are considering Google+ as an important part of their SEO strategy. If you’re not considering Google+ for your social media marketing campaign yet, then now is the time.

Of course Google+ is not the new Facebook on the block. It surely keep you one step ahead that other social media platforms can’t — increasing your site’s visibility on Google search results. That’s why businesses that rely on search engines for website are embracing Google+ for their SEO strategy.


Why Should You Use Google+?

One of the major benefits of using Google+ is that everything you do gets indexed by Google. As a result, you stand to get more traffic to your website.

For brands, Google+ isn’t about adding followers, what matters for them is extracting SEO juice and increasing their visibility on Google search results.

Not only does Google+ help you gain visibility, but it also offers valuable resources in one place. Such resources include Communities, Hangouts, Circles, etc.

But, how can you use Google+ to increase your visibility?

In this article, I discussed the most effective tips you can apply to increase your site’s visibility and ultimately grow your business.

6 Ways to Use Google+ to Increase Your Visibility

  1. Optimize Your Google+ Page Info – your Google+ page information should be up-to-date and complete. Information provided on your Google+ page will make it more favorable with Google’s indexing.

How to create a complete Google+ profile

✓ Fill out the “About” tab in your Google+ page

✓ “About” should have a few important keywords

✓ Include relevant links and complete address to the description

  1. Participate in Google+ Communities – there are plenty of active communities on Google+ holding discussions on a variety of topics. Participate in discussions relevant your niche. Communities offer an excellent way to interact with like-minded individuals.

#Pro Tips

✓ Join as many communities relevant to your niche as possible

✓ Offer constructive thoughts and educated opinions

✓ Try to be an active member of the communities

✓ Do not publish links to your content unnecessarily

✓ Create your own Google+ community page to stay highlighted

  1. Build Strategic Networks among Circles – Circles offer an excellent opportunity to boost your SEO strategy. If you have certain groups you usually interact with, then Circles establish connections with them.

#Advantage: people who are in your Circles will see posts related to your brand in Google search results.

  1. Use Hashtags & Keywords in Your Posts – hashtags make your posts search-friendly. Just like Facebook and Twitter, using hashtags on Google+ also makes searching for topics easier and simpler.

Keywords are also important for being indexed on Google. Keywords play a vital role in being found on Google. Using keywords increase the chances of your connections coming across your posts.

#Pro Tip: make sure you include the keywords your post discusses within the first few words of your post.

  1. Include the Google+ Button to Your Website – Google+ works as a two-way street. Previously you learned how adding links to your Google+ help you promote your page. Adding a Google+1 button to your website will also produce better results for your page. As people reaching your Google+ page through your site increases the chances of Google noticing the activity.
  2. Optimize Your Content for Google Search Results – the content on your Google+ page needs to interesting, optimized and of course frequent. Post at two times a week on your Google+ page. Make sure you do not copy content.

Optimizing content on Google+ increases your posts’ visibility in Google search results.


If I follow your page or profile on Google+, I’m more likely to see your posts in Google search engine result pages.

#Remember: content is the most important part for improving SEO with Google+.


Google+ holds the key to the deadlock in your SEO campaign. If used properly, Google+ can prove really powerful for your social media marketing campaign. Google+ has always been popular among marketers and influencers. Make sure you follow the tips listed above to start your Google+ campaign today!

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