Ahrefs vs. Majestic | Which Is The Best Backlink Checker Tool

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Are you looking for the best backlink checker tool?

Are you struggling with the decision to choose between Ahrefs and Majestic?

SEO is an ever-evolving industry. It continues to evolve as per the way we search and receive information through search engines. But, no matter how transformed SEO becomes, one thing that remains unchanged is the backlink.

There was a time when your site used to be ranked by the number of backlinks you have received. Now, it’s 2017. Now it all comes down to the number of quality links you have.

As Google’s Penguin algorithm got an update, the update wrote the death sentence for all low-quality links.

But, which tool should you use for checking backlinks?

There are numerous tools. Among them are Ahrefs and Majestic: the two best backlink checking tools. But, time may come when you have to choose between Ahrefs and Majestic. I decided to setup a head-to-head test between the two tools. Let’s find out which one is the best:

Ahrefs Vs Majestic SEO

A Summary of Both the Tools


I have been using Ahrefs since 2015. It’s become one of my favorite go-to tools for any SEO campaign. It’s a great tool to improve your research into competitors, search traffic and monitor your niche. If you are wondering why your competitors are ranking high, then you should definitely consider Ahrefs. Not only will it help you research into Ahrefs, but it also shows you the ways you can improve your site’s ranking.

Ahrefs produces some spectacular data and breaks down for your every way imaginable. You can get information how many IPs linking to which pages containing anchor text, the number of links you have. They categorize the links by types and deliver all types of visualization and graph options.

The only drawback you face as a cash-strapped SEO technician, it is costly. Its price plans start from $79 /month.

Majestic SEO

As a beginner, you may find this tool really complicated. Its way of presenting data seems somewhat incomplete. You may hang out for more as its data presentation leaves more room to be desired. The catch here is that you have to drill down into the data. It provides everything you need to know.

Majestic SEO’s interface and ways of functionality may look somewhat similar to Ahrefs. However, Ahrefs is a better tool than Majestic SEO all around. Prices of plans for Majestic SEO start from around $50 /month. So, as you can see Majestic SEO is cheaper than Ahrefs.

For your convenience, I have used a comparison table below to display the main differences between the two. Let’s check it out:

Feature Ahrefs Majestic SEO
Main Benefit Displaying links that point to a website Displaying links that point to a website
Pricing Method Monthly subscription Monthly subscription
Link Analysis Type Basic Basic
Multiple Site Links’ Comparison Basic comparison of overall link counts Basic comparison of overall link counts
Language Choices EN, RU, CNM, JA EN
Check Link Status Possible statuses: Lost/New 404, Redirect Possible statuses: Nofollow Deleted, Redirect
Domain Strength Report Excellent Good
Linking Page URL Yes Yes


Yes, you can perform deep core analysis with both Ahrefs and Majestic. But, there are a few nuances that can distinguish both the tools. Your curious mind may want to know what those nuances may be. In this article, I compared both the tools and listed the reasons why Ahrefs is better than Majestic CEO.

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