Amazon Niche Site Case Study 2019| What Works & Whats Not?

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I have created lots of websites in my life. But this time, I am doing it in public and all of my NShamimPRO members can follow it and implement exactly whatever I am doing here in this site.

I will log everything in this article. So that I can track the progress and everything.

May 17 – I just indexed my Amazon Site on Google. So far, I published 15+ review post and 10+ informative articles on the blog section.

September 10 – Its been 4 months I indexed my site and seems like I am going with a very slow mode. As I am taking care of a lot of other projects for my clients and myself (other blogs); I am literally finding it hard to manage an adequate amount of time for this project.

But, slow but steady has been always my motto and I am sure, I will make it happen for this project as well.

So far, I have published 30+ review pages in my site and 13 informative article.

Most of the review pages are 2500 words+ long and looking forward to starting building links to them soon.

September 12 – Gathering a lot of contacts and sites to start outreaching following a method I discovered recently. Will share the trick in a separate article soon in this blog.

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