The Best Content Marketing Tools List To Make Your Marketing Effective

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Content marketing tools play a crucial role for the content marketers, as it helps in reaching the content to the highly engaged audience with the help of advertisements on news feeds. It also helps in creating brand awareness and relationship building at every stage of the business.

Why people need content marketing tools?

People need these tools to generate unique ideas about the topic of the content. You can type in a word, that is related to the topic in your mind, and you can get a lot of ideas that are semantically relevant to that particular word.

These tools help in making grammar corrections so that one can have content with no errors. These tools help in providing the ideas as to what content one should prepare.

There are also the graphical tools that can provide great features to your content to make it more attractive for the readers.

People also use content marketing tools to publish their contents on their website to improve SEO ranking. If you want to know the insights of your audience, then there is a tool that surveys the feedback and provides it to the content owner.

How do these tools help in the success of the contents?

The tools of content marketing are broadly categorized, which helps people to succeed with the application of these tools. These content marketing tools possess some amazing characteristics which make the content very effective.

These tools are of varied nature from `analytical tools,` which measures the marketing results, goals, and traffic volume to their website. This article also covers the `customer retention management tool,` which provides the insights of the content.

In addition to that, there is a `content marketing management tool,` that enables one to plan and manage the content marketing program. This tool is mostly used by digital marketers.

Apart from the types mentioned above of tools, there is `social media management tool` and `email marketing tool.` All these effective kinds of tools with great features are very useful and help people in making successful content.

Some amazing content marketing tools list free

  • WordPress: it is one of the most widely used tools in the world. It helps in hosting and building the website. WordPress is a friendly CMS for the people who are beginners, and it helps in growing content marketing to a great extent. There is no proper provision for the security of contents on WordPress, and it also limits the value of the content.
  • Google Docs: it is used by almost every content marketer, as all the work is done here before it gets posted. It includes documents, presentations, spreadsheets, web forms, and drawings. It is easy to use providing a pleasant experience to the user.  It does not provide the option to organize the Google Docs and spreadsheets by the folders. One more drawback is that one cannot select multiple tags at the same time from the list.
  • Airstory: it is a unique tool where one can save the images and multimedia into the application where one is writing. It is a good tool for collaboration and helps the writers working on longer content.
  • Yoast: it is a tool based on  SEO focused content. It is an important plugin for the WordPress site or blog to optimize content for SEO. It also helps in implementing the required rules for SEO. Though easy to use, it does not revolutionize the search engine all on its own.
  • Grammarly: it checks the grammatical errors in the content and reduces the mistakes by almost 80%. It is a lifesaver for the people who makes spelling mistakes. It can correctly identify the words with the same pronunciation that might have been used in the wrong context. This software follows the spelling rules of the United States English and not British English.
  • HubSpot: it is the most powerful platform in the industry of content marketing. It always comes up with solutions to help in building the content marketing program. It is the best tool with the all-in-one WordPress plugin for marketing.

  • Google Analytics: it is a digital analytical platform to track business metrics. It is easy to use, and one can track his goals, results, and product purchases.

  • Google Alerts: it monitors the important topics and keywords of the company and set-up alerts for the brand name.

  • Mailchimp: it is the most important content marketing tool based on the email purposes of the company. There is some good alternative to these tools like Convertkit, Aweber, GetResponse, and Sendy.

  • Loom: it is an easy application that enables one to create, edit, and share screencast and video recorded contents. It is great for communicating quick questions and concepts with the other team members.

  • Adobe Photoshop: it is a good tool if one wants to make graphic designs as per his desire. It is the best tool for editing and creating images with multi-effects.

  • Google Optimize:  it is the qualitative insight platform most suitable for beginners.

  • Vidyard: it is a video marketing tool that effectively helps one to host, share, and promote the video content on the website. It also contains the solution for sales and marketing. 

  • Air table: it is a management tool and is mostly used for editorial calendars and writer management. Though customizable, it is a bit complicated tool for the users.

  • Trello: it is the best tool if one is working with more number of writers. It is a project management tool that can be used for many purposes. 

  • The Stock.IM: it aggregates various stock photo sites in the list of content marketing tools.

  • Canva: it helps in making pleasant and decent looking graphical designs. It can be used for all kinds of content marketing imagery like blog cover pictures, social media cover photos, etc.

  • Mutiny: it provides personalization which allows one to deliver unique content. 

  • OptinMonster: it provides attractive email signup forms and is great for the lead generation.

  • MonsterInsights: it provides up to date traffic reports of the website in the WordPress dashboard.

  • Tailwind: it is a simple tool that can automatically optimize the social media schedules based on when the audience is most active.

  • BuzzSumo: it looks for the most popular contents that are trending over a particular period.

What other tools you personally use instead of the tools mentioned in the list above?

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