What to Do When No One Is Finding Your Business on Google?

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Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%.

Google’s Search Engine is a powerful tool that instantly produces results from all over the web upon a simple Google search.

We all have made inquiries into Google – from an exotic restaurant near me to locating spa services.

Whenever we need information, we resort to Google. Without Google, our information quest would be incomplete.
You may run a small business, or operate a local convenience store. And, you may be in dire need of customers.

Thousands of people are searching Google for businesses like yours.

Are you sure your business is getting proper exposure?

Or, are you employing proper steps to get your business found as per queries made into Google?

If not, you are in the right place. In this article, I listed a number of techniques to get your business website ranked above if searched.

The higher your site is ranked, the more potential it has to experience a spike in traffic. Showing up as the top solution for your target population’s consumer needs will give you a boost in sales/revenue.
Before you adopt techniques to get your website found on Google, you need to acquaint yourself with the ways Google ranks results upon a search.
Google has a special, secret algorithm in place to highlight search results. Like many other search engines, Google has programs like spiders and crawlers to automate searching efforts.

Google is also adorned with a large index of keywords. Google assigns each web page a relevancy score, weight of the page named Page Authority and the domain value (Domain Authority); in essence an algorithm.
A web page’s Authority depends on a few factors to make it visible. And, they are –

Relevancy of your business with the search term

How much does your business category/listing weigh as per the search phrase used by the user?

Is your web page well-dense with the keyword for the search? If it is not, its score will be low for that keyword.

So, what we gonna do in this segment?

Well, we will find all the relevant keywords for every pages we make on our website. We will use Uber Suggest Keyword planner tool to generate relevant keywords and input them into our web pages.

What is cool about Uber Suggest is; they generate extremely relevant keywords that people already used while searching on Google. That means, you are being able to use the set of keywords that have decent amount of searches already.

Keyword to find business on google

If you can do this properly, your pages will be relevant, natural and Google will find enough clue on your pages to rank it on top of Google for the keywords you are focusing.

Name Important Close Stuffs Along With Keywords

How proximate your business is to the location from where the inquiry is made is an issue.

For instance, if you have a food delivery business; be specific while making a web page about it. Your main keywords may be “food delivery services”; but that not specific. People search specific items these days and love getting specialized services and products.

So, your webpage keywords will have an additional phrases added like “dry food delivery service”. Even you can make it even more specific like – “Dry Dog Food Delivery Service”.

And following this patten; you can target all the pets, all the food items and other sorting arrangements. Got it, right?

Now, how would you implement these phrases or keywords on your web pages?

Keywords are the words and phrases that actually define your site. When Google crawls your site, it sweeps through your web page title, text, passages, and sections. Then, it registers those commonly used words and matches them with your page’s.

Matched words density list your web page higher. You may want to research into words, phrases your customers, and potential customers are using to make an inquiry.

So that, you can build your page targeting those words. Try to arrange keywords, so that they make sense. For instance, if you have a business concerning “seafood cuisine and dishes”, use that exact phrase a number of the times in the title, page content, and sections.

Google’s Keyword Planner is a useful tool to determine relevant keywords for your site’s content based on what words users in your area use to search. Also, you can use Uber Suggest tool that i talked about earlier.

Optimize Your Service or Product Categories

Category also has an important role to play in ranking. Utilize as many relevant categories as possible to describe your business well.

For instance, if you have a Pet Food Selling website; then your category base might be “Raw Food for Dogs”, “Wet Food for Dogs” and so on. See, dry food and dogs were your keywords and technically implemented these as an category in this example. Check this image to get some idea –

Keywords on category seo

It is imperative that you use specific and right categories as they will help reach your target audience. Browse Business Categories for more information.

Define your Business Location well

Well-defined business address will help your customers and potential customers find your business. Consider sharing your business location link with customers.

Google and other major search engines already introduced Schema Markup Data and having a Business Schema on your page will add huge value on finding your business on top of Google at ease.

This is the Local Business Schema to look at and implement on your website. If you can properly implement that schema tag; Google will easily find your website for the high searched keywords queried from a specific region. Here is an example:

location based seo

Make Social Media Pages for your Business

Online marketing requires fluent social media presence to amplify public outreach.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter strengthen your business.

As people like to comment and share their feelings about your products/services, it will build a relationship. Linking your website to social media will also help your customers further acquaint themselves with your business.

Sharing link, and updating status about your website will get you found shortly since Google crawlers visit sites with links.

Make Meta Description Tag

Meta tags serve as a short preface for your site. People stumbling on your site can be familiar with your site from meta tags. Enticing Meta tags can persuade a viewer to visit your business. So, make sure your Meta Titles and Meta description are attention-grabbing.

Just imagine that what people might search to find your business and products on Google. Input these imagined keywords at your Meta Description Tag and Meta Title Tag.

Image Optimization

Images add a layer of visual appeal to your business. Images, infographics included on your web pages give the viewers a break from reading the text.

When attaching an image, make sure the image name is accurate, and in lowercase, hyphens are used to separate the words. For example – “salmon-small.jpg”.

Search engines probe the text and associate an image with it.

What Else to Do?

» Consider adding your business to local and national business directories
» Add, verify your business on Google My Business
» Mention your business name on the About Us page
» Add your unique business name, address, and phone number (NAP)
» Embed Google Map on your business

The Wrap Up

Online marketing success largely depends on exposure. The more exposure your site receives, the higher your conversion will be. To receive proper exposure, you need to utilize every tool available on the web to get your site known. Adjust your site with the techniques and tips mentioned here. Also, with the right SEO tools and strategies, you can make your business site visible.

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