The Comprehensive Review on AdGooroo

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Are you looking for a great tool to lead your SEM research campaign successfully?

Do you want to optimize an SEM campaign via keyword research and suggestions?

Being an SEO expert for years, I am required to fine tune my client’s Pay Per Click (PPC) search campaign frequently. I have to take care of everything related to their visibility efforts. And, the tool, without which I wouldn’t be where I am today, is AdGooroo. It offers such speed, efficiency and functionality to my efforts that I never dreamt of achieving.

But, how did Adgooroo really help me out?

And, how should a beginner really benefit from this tool?

In this article, I discussed everything you need to know about AdGooroo.


What You Will Learn From This Article:

  • What Is AdGooroo?
  • Why Should You Use AdGooroo?
  • Basic Features of AdGooroo
  • Pros and Cons of AdGooroo

Let’s cover each of these topics in detail:

What Is AdGooroo?

AdGooroo is a specialized tool used for search marketing intelligence activities. It generates competitive advantage for online marketers. AdGooroo is used in more than 50 countries. AdGooroo was established in 2004. But, now more than 4,000 agencies and advertisers use AdGooroo to gain actionable insights and intelligence on how their top competitors are leading their search campaigns.

Why Should You Use AdGooroo?

Internet marketers sometimes get confused on which keyword to use for their competition. But, keyword management is a vital component for any search marketing campaign. Internet marketers have long been looking for an effective tool for tracking management and keyword suggestion. And, if you are too, then your search ends here!

Because the tool that is the answer to your seeking is AdGooroo. AdGooroo has several useful features that you can use to make your site better-optimized. Using these features, you can direct a considerable amount of traffic to your site. Keyword suggestions can also be useful for link building.

So, you should use AdGooroo because:

  • This tool will help you achieve your objectives and give you an edge over your competitors
  • It has several features that will help you design your SEM campaign efficiently
  • It allows you to view historic as well as current data related to your competition and campaign
  • You can generate valuable data on click-through rate, impressions, competitors’ PPC spend, keyword and cost per click
  • It offers limitless capabilities for advertisers and comprehensive solutions as well
  • Whether you are a small business or a large one, you can use it to gain traffic and a higher ranking
  • It allows you to track performance and spend against your competitors
  • You can easily recognize the missing keyword opportunities
  • It makes searching for the top keywords and comparing keyword performance easier

Basic Features of AdGooroo

AdGooroo has a variety of features that are really unique. You can use these features for your search campaigns. With AdGooroo, you will sure experience boost in ad copy, performance, keywords, budgets, statistics, Product Listing Ads and more.

Let’s learn about its basic features:

  • Competitive Insights: AdGooroo offers competitive insights to track progress of your campaign.
  • Month-Based Competitive Insights: what you have achieved so far, what you can achieve later on going by the rate you are currently going. With the insights, you can target your performance.
  • Brand Monitoring: with features available on the tool, you can use brand monitoring tactics to identify misuse on the search engines.

Pros of AdGooroo

  • Monitors your performance and tracks your spend against competitors easily
  • Identifies missing keyword opportunities
  • Gives insights on keyword bidding/budgeting on a daily basis

Cons of AdGooroo

  • Graph and infographics are complicated to use
  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Limited use on the number of keywords


If you’re having a hard time on which keyword you should use for your competition, then give AdGooroo a try. It truly is one of the best tools available for tracking management and keyword suggestion. This tool features a variety of keyword suggestions that will help you lead a successful search marketing campaign. In this article, I discussed how this tool be useful for your cause.



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