10 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and over 1.5 billion people regularly use Facebook. I am sure you are already familiar with regular stuff like adding or deleting friends, update status, profile, add and explore pages & applications, etc, but there’s still much more to know.

If you are thinking Facebook is just about for chat, there’s so much you’re missing out on. I know it can be a little hard to keep up sometimes. Here’s a list of things to know about the Facebook as useful as possible.

1. Appear Online Only to Selected Friends

Facebook chat is one of the coolest and most useful features in FB. But sometimes you just want a bit of extra privacy. It’s really frustrating when you start getting messages on Facebook from people, and you don’t want to talk to them. This trick helps you to appear online to friends with whom you do want to chat. Here’s how to do it.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on the “Chat” box.
  • Click on the gear icon and click on advanced settings.
  • Now click “Turn on chat for all friends, except”
  • Then start adding the names of people you have chosen that will see you as offline.


2. Turn off Autoplay of Facebook Videos

Video auto plays on Facebook’s whenever you are checking the timeline, which is irritating. If you want to turn off the auto-play of videos on your timeline, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Facebook Settings then click “Videos”
  • Turn off the auto play of Facebook videos.


3. Share Flickr Photos to Facebook

Flickr2Facebook is an unofficial Flickr to Facebook photo uploader which helps you to upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.

4. How to know if someone read your message

When you send a text message, it can be really frustrating not knowing if the other person has read it. But with Facebook Messenger, you can easily understand if the person read your message. When you see that the person has “seen” the message, but does not reply. Let’s solve the problem.

5. Access your secret inbox

People who message you on Facebook are usually those you have accepted as ‘friends’. But there has a chance that Facebook Messenger isn’t showing you all of your messages, especially who are not in your friend list. To unlock them:

  • Go into the Messenger app
  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Tap on “People”
  • Tap “Message Requests”
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap “See filtered requests”


6. Download Facebook Photo Albums

FacePAD is one of the amazing Facebook Photo Album Downloader which helps you to download your Facebook friends’ albums, Events albums, and Group Albums, and much more within a click.

7. Use Facebook search like a pro

Have you ever face any difficulty when you search someone on Facebook? If your answer is yes, you should try this search box. This one is an amazing tool that will help you to find your old friends, celebrities, organizations, or your favorite band with no difficulty. If you want to enjoy this powerful tool then click here to learn more.

8. Magic Circles on Facebook

This trick might be one of the most popular Facebook hidden tricks. This is really simple, but I was not able to do it at the first time. But it is amazing.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Just use the arrow and letter keys on your keyboard: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key, up, down
  • And now, whenever you click on the page, “magic circles” will appear.

9. Access Facebook Chat Through Your Desktop

Now you don’t need to visit your Facebook if you want to chat with your friends. You can use your desktop using some cool tools, for example, Social.im, Adium or ChitChat.

10. Schedule Facebook Messages

If you want to schedule your Facebook messages then you can send messages to your friends, customers or colleagues in the future. To do this you can use Sendible.com and it’s a great tool to schedule your Facebook messages.

I am sure you have enjoyed all these cool Facebook tricks mentioned above. We will keep sharing more amazing Facebook tips and tricks in future. And if you like our collection please don’t forget to share with your friends and colleges.

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