How to Use Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences

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Facebook Ads Custom Audiences are an extremely powerful tool. I think everyone has heard about Facebook’s latest custom audience features that made it possible for advertisers to create a custom audience based on people who interacted with their Facebook page. This Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences offer a new way to refine users and reach the people who have an interest in your products or business.

For instance, you want to reach your targeted audience that is based particularly on people who interacted with your page posts in the last 7 days and allows page owners to leverage their Facebook page engagement with their Facebook content for targeting in ads. Let’s check out what these are, how you can build six new custom audiences and how you might use these.

How to create a page engagement custom audience

The new Facebook page engagement custom audience on Facebook is a massive way to aim audiences who already have express an interest in your product or offer. It almost looks like to creating remarketing on custom audiences. This features will help you to include a large number of people who like your page but don’t actually interact with any of your posts or ads. Let’s check out the process:

  • Create a custom audience box will appear,  select “Page”page from custom audience
  • When the Audiences dashboard loads, click on “Create audience” and choose to create a “Custom Audience” from the drop-down list.fb audience dashboard
  • Firstly, you need to go Facebook Ads Manager, then find out and click “Audiences” to get to the audiences page.fb ads manager
  • Then select “Engagement on Facebook”.engagement on FB
  • Now let’s create your audience! For that, you will need to select your page engagement targeting engagement targeting

You can create audiences based on the following types of engagement. Here’s how Facebook defines each one:

Everyone who engaged with your page

This includes anyone who visited your Facebook page or interaction with your Page’s content or ads on Facebook or Messenger.

Anyone who visited your Page

This custom audience includes anyone who visited your Page, no matter what actions they took on it. If you choose this option, anyone who has visited your Facebook page in the last 365 days will be added in your custom audience.

People who engaged with any post or ad

Allows you to target only the people who had any engagement with a page post or an ad. This type of Engagement includes reactions (Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry), shares, comments, link clicks or carousel ad swipes.

People who clicked any call-to-action button

This custom audience is made up of people who have clicked any available call-to-action button on your Page. For instance, “Visit Website” or “Shop Now”.

People who sent a message to your Page

If you want engagement about specific Messenger-based ad campaigns or get lots of messages on your page organically, this custom audience will help you to target people who sent a message to your Facebook page about your brand or something else.

People who saved your Page or any post

This custom audience is made up of people who saved your page, or any post from your page. This user is very effective to reach who want to read your post or were interested in your offer.

  • Now it’s time to enter the duration. I think you know, it can be as recent as 1 day or as long ago as 365 days. Now you need to name your audience and click Create Audience. And you are done! It will take up to 30 minutes for your audience to update.custom audience on FB

Now go ahead and try it

If you are advertising on Facebook using the custom audience, then it can be a game changer for you. There are currently six Facebook page engagement custom audiences you can create. It’s a simple setting selection, but extremely powerful which allow you to target people based on their interaction with your page and ads. Using the Facebook page engagement custom audience and it is definitely worth to create any of these custom audiences and re-target them with your ads. Have you ever tried page engagement custom audiences in your Facebook campaigns? Don’t forget to share your experience with us in our comment box below.

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