7 Easiest Ways to Get More Vimeo Views

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Vimeo may not be the oldest video sharing platform, but it is far and away the second most famous platform to share helpful or quality video. Vimeo has become the favorite platform amongst filmmakers and serious cinema lovers due to its clean user experience and professional aesthetic. So, you need to know the right strategy to get more followers and views on your video to make your brand and products more popular. So read on for my tips to get more views on Vimeo!

Answered : 7 Ways To Improve Vimeo Views

1. Choose the right categories while posting videos.
2. Join popular niche based Vimeo groups.
3. Work with perfect video thumbnails.
4. Add attractive and clickworthy titles
5. Make your description as descriptive as possible. Include keywords on the description.
6. Share your videos on different social media right after publishing it.
7. Try to get on the Video stuff pick section.

The Easiest Way To Get More Vimeo Views

Attracting real visitors or traffic to your Vimeo video is not an easy task, but if you follow some truly effective way then you can change your Vimeo page with a lot of traffic. You just need to follow this video tips and that will help you drive more hits to your content every time.

Choosing the right categories for your Vimeo video

I think you have noticed each video on Vimeo has the option of choosing a few categories. Selecting the right one will help users find you when they browse videos by keywords or categories. You may be greedy to list it in every category even remotely related. If you do this, your Vimeo viewers may be considered as a spammer. So, you need to carefully choose your category.

Joining the right groups

You have the authority to join Groups on Vimeo and add your video with a single click. You just need to find your place. However, join the same niche group of people who appreciate one another. For that, Click “+ Collections” and then select groups you’re a member of. We can also call them communities of like-minded people. Maintain a good relationship and believe me, they have a stronger filmmaking community than YouTube which may hit more viewers, but Vimeo will attract the right viewers

Create Shareable Content

The very best way to generate more traffic to your videos is to provide great value to the viewer. One of the great thing you have to remember that “concept is king”. When visitors see a unique type of video then they will share your video on Social media and that will drive traffic.

Grab them with the thumbnail

When sorting a thumbnail for your video make something dynamic or eye-catching. Remember, this is the first thing that visitors will see in regards to your video on Vimeo, so be bold or interesting. It needs to be malicious and informative. Catch a viewer’s eye and convince them to watch your video. It is a great way to represent your video correctly and attract your audience.

Having an awesome description

Vimeo Curator Jason Sondhi says that “thumbnails and descriptions are key to success”. You have a quality video along with a great thumbnail. Your next area of focus should be your description. The opening sentence should make someone want to watch your film. Just remember, thumbnails and descriptions are the best way to score the coveted Staff Pick.

Use Online Resources to Boost Views

Promoting your video on social media has a great power to drive a useful amount of traffic back to your video’s page. You may want to reach out to blogs that share the same topic. And don’t forget to encourage people to embed your video on their own sites and share with their audience.

Get on the Vimeo Staff Picks list

Staff Picks list is one of the most difficult and the ultimate way to get more Vimeo views within a short time. There is no specific type of video that is chosen by Vimeo as a Staff Pick. There is no guarantee but if you focus on the above-listed area to ensure then you have the best chance.

I am sure you will agree with me that, not every great video is going to be a Staff Pick, and that shouldn’t be a sign of failure. Just keep doing great work and earned a lot of traffics on your video. By the way, have you had any success story of getting your videos Staff Picked on Vimeo? If so, share your experience and suggestions in the comments below. We’d love to hear them!

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