How to Get More Likes for Your Business Page on Facebook

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Do you want your business Page to stand out on Facebook?

Do you want your business to thrive on Facebook?

Facebook, the social media giant, is constantly evolving. It’s opening new doors for people of all walks of life. It’s introducing us to new dimensions that are redefining the ways by which we communicated or marketed. With more than 1.79 billion monthly active users (Updated December 2016), Facebook stands to accomplish things that were unthinkable just a few years back!

What You Will Learn From This Article:

  • Facebook Likes
  • Why Facebook Likes are Important for your Business Page
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Getting More Likes on Facebook

Business Page on FacebookFacebook Likes

Facebook is bustling with people from across the globe. No matter what you do — whether you’re a savvy marketer or just a person looking for friends — Facebook has something for everyone! The huge number of users is the greatest power of Facebook and the users are what make this platform lucrative for businesses and marketers alike.

Whether you’re a mom and pop store or a large business, if you’re not on Facebook you’re missing out a lot.

But, just being on Facebook isn’t enough. Facebook contains over 42 million active Facebook pages. With thousands upon thousands Facebook posts being updated every second, it’s possible for your post to become invisible underneath.

“Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated.”

If you want to achieve success on Facebook, you’ll need an engaged community. Without an engaged community, it will be difficult for you to generate brand awareness or achieve a higher ROI.

So, what can you do?

That’s when Facebook “Likes” become really vital. “Likes” determines your status on Facebook. If you have a business Page on Facebook, you’ll need likes and you’ll need plenty of them! In this article, I explained everything you need to know about Facebook likes; from the importance of Facebook likes to strategies for getting more likes. So, let’s explore:

Why You Need More Likes on Your Facebook : the Importance of Facebook Likes

Many are quick to downplay the number of Facebook likes. However, there’s nothing as more important as Facebook likes when growing an audience. The more likes your Facebook Page has, the more brand awareness your Page will generate.

  • Facebook Likes Determine Popularity: the number of fans your Facebook Page has determines how popular your brand is. It goes without saying that a Facebook Page with 10,000 likes is more popular than the one with only 1,000 likes.
  • Likes Indicate Trust: how many people find you trustworthy? It may be hard to tell. But, on Facebook, whoever finds you trustworthy may award your Page with a like. So, more likes indicate trust.

#Believe it or not: US State Department spent $630,000 during the years 2011-2012, so that they could increase their Facebook fans from 100,000 to 2 million!

You may find such staggering investment pointless. But, that’s how valuable Facebook likes have become. So, if your business Page is lacking enough, then it’s time to rethink your strategies with the tips listed later on in this article.

  • More Likes — Better SEO: yes, Google doesn’t overtly admit that social media presence is a ranking factor. However, a simple Google search of a popular Facebook Page will reveal the otherwise. So, if your Facebook Page has more likes, it is likely that it will perform better in search.
  • More Fans — More Visits: the more fans your Facebook Page has, the more people will interact with your brand. More fans will encourage new potential fans to visit your website, or even like your Page.

How to Get More Likes for your Business Page on Facebook?

I’m sure you’ve asked the question quite a couple of times yourself. Don’t worry if you do. I did too. Then, I came up with strategies that later proved effective for my brand and my Page.

The issue here is that there are such a overwhelming number of articles offering the same solution, yet not an effective one. How many of them actually helped people?

The good news is that getting more likes on your Facebook Page is easier than you think. There are some simple, yet endlessly effective ways you can gain more likes and build your brand on Facebook. They are:

  • Step #1: Create a Business Facebook Page – don’t use your personal Facebook Profile to market your business. It’s extremely detrimental for your brand. Create an individual Page for your your brand. A Facebook Profile is much different from a Page. You may create a Profile to communicate with your friends and tell them about daily stories. But, with a Facebook Page, you can showcase your product/service to your fans or followers.
  • Step #2: Optimize your Business Facebook Page with Searchable Information – don’t leave a single section relevant to your Page empty. Filling out your Page with all the relevant information is not only helpful, but also searchable. Since all of the content on your Page will be used to index your Page, you’d better include as much information as you can.

Included information will help your potential customers gain trust on your brand, thereby generating brand awareness. Just because content is important for being found in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), doesn’t mean you should solely focus on certain keywords. Use keywords appropriate for your brand.

#Pro Tips: make sure you fill out an overview of what your business has to offer on the Page. Don’t forget to include the link to your official website.

  • Step #3: Add Facebook Page Plugin on your Website and Blog Site – previously Page Plugin was known as the Like Box. Facebook Page Plugin can help you gain new fans. They can help your business gain fans in a variety of ways.

Adding Facebook Page Plugin on all the marketing channels you have promotes your Facebook. If a reader finds your content useful on the website, he/she may like keeping in touch with your brand for further updates. And, Page Plugin remove any barriers for existing contacts to discover your page.

#N.B: Facebook Like Button and Page Plugin aren’t the same thing. Like Button will allow you to like individual pieces of content right from the website. While Page Plugin is designed only for Facebook Pages. Page Plugin displays the number of likes your Facebook Page contains. It also displays the faces of some of the people who already liked your Page.

  • Step #4: Invite Your Existing Contacts to Like – it is likely that you already have a huge following that could be interested in following you on Facebook. So, all you need to do is ask them to like your Page. You could ask them via email, or via Facebook or in person.

Facebook no longer has the Build Audience feature in place that used to enable users to send up to 5,000 invitations to your email contacts. You can send invitations using a regular email service, such as Gmail. Use the BCC feature to add the emails of many contacts you want to send invitations to.

  • Step #5: Post Engaging Content – Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm determines the value of content by its ability to engage. If your post is engaging, Facebook will notify the friends of the people who already engaged with your Page. No matter how an individual interacted with your Page, be it via liking, commenting or sharing, Facebook may let your engaged users’ friends know that they they have engaged with your Page. So, post entertaining, educational and essential content to increase engagement on your Page.
  • Step #6: Share Images, Videos and Infographics – visuals are the most powerful media to increase engagement. If you take a look at how most popular Pages share content, you’ll notice that visual content dominates the Pages. Visual content tends to receive more likes and shares, thereby increasing the number of fans and followers.

  “Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.”

  • Step #7: Create Better Content – nobody likes excessively promotional posts. The Facebook algorithm, EdgeRank, determines content pieces that are worth showing up in people’s News Feeds are the ones that give people what they want. What people don’t want is overly promotional content. And, what people want is posts that can introduce ease to their lifestyle — posts that can keep them ahead.

#Pro Tip: post a short-length video showing “hacks”, or methods that can help them utilize your product the best. Upload a series of “how-to” videos or infographics.

Bottom Line – in order to attain success on Facebook, you need to develop a community that engages with your brand. But, first you need to grow an audience. And, more fans on a Facebook Page can really increase brand awareness for your business. A like is an endorsement. And, an endorsement is a powerful boost to get your name out there. In this article, I compiled the proven strategies you can employ to increase Facebook likes on your Page. So, make sure you follow them.


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