How to Use Instagram Live to Generate Leads

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You know people spend most of the time to understand or talking about how to ‘engage’ with people on Instagram. But they are not sure if anyone is actually making any sales from the network. I am sure you have heard some people generating leads and revenue from the fastest growing social media network Instagram using live stories.

Yes! Instagram Live is the new ability to stream, in real time, from the Instagram app. Now you can use Instagram Live stories as a lead generating tool and it will help explore new ways to stay ahead of your competitors.

In this post, we will explore outstanding ways to use Instagram Live video to generate sales and revenue for your business.

Is Instagram Live Video for Lead Generation right for you?

Do you know 43% of cellphone users aged 18-29 use Instagram? A study says that 24% use Instagram many times a day and while 12% of user’s login daily.

You know lead generation is all about generating interest from potential customers in your product. Instagram recently released live stream in its latest update and users can expect some exciting new features to join the Insta-party. The new feature allows users to stream real-time videos via Instagram Stories and viewers can watch and interact with you in real-time.

But unlike Facebook Live and YouTube live, Instagram Live videos aren’t hosted on the platform. An Instagram live video appears only while it’s being broadcast. They are deleted instantly after each live session.

Because people need to watch your live video now if they want to see it, and your followers will receive a notification that you’ve started a live video. In short word, the Instagram live video has a sense of urgency. As you broadcast, you will be able to see the number of viewers enjoying your live stream, as well as likes, questions, and comments. You can make stream whatever you like and options are limitless.

Check out some awesome techniques to use Instagram Live stream to generate viable leads for your business.

Capture strong Leads by Teasing New Products

Because Instagram Live video isn’t stable, so, you don’t need to provide information that users need to talk about later. Introducing new products, information, or big statements, however, is another story. You can use live stream to provide a sneak peek at your products. For small businesses, Instagram Live offering a scope for more engagement and creating deeper connections with followers and potential customers.

Users know that live videos are deleted after each live session and this urgency of Instagram Live stream creates these teasers more exciting and engaging. And they know they have to watch now to learn something exciting. You just need to be as creative as possible to appear in the “Top Live” stories area that’s listed under the Explore tab.

The sneak peek also makes viewers want to know more. And you can ask followers to sign up or visit for more exciting things on your website. And this live stream can encourage people to act immediately with your products or brand.

Enlarge Lead Collection by Developing a Social Contest

You know Social contests are an excellent lead generation tool, the Instagram live stream now work as an obvious platform for brands looking to expand their reach and engage with their audience. Contests, like “a cute kitten”, are often promoted in Instagram stories. But Instagram live stream can expand results thanks to its natural sense of urgency and extra visibility.

With Instagram live video, you can encourage social contests in different ways:

  • Preview rewards before and during the contest and clear when the winner of the contest will be announced. And this will help you to generate eagerness and boost entries.
  • You must inform your participants of how the winner will be chosen. This strategy helps maximize your audience’s reach. Showcase entries after the contest are over.
  • Purely talk about the contest and remind people it’s happening and how aggressive your goals are.

Use Instagram live video to share clues for a collector hunt. You can provide extra clues or details of when the video will be broadcast if people subscribe to your email list ahead of time. And ask your audience to participate in the contest and win the prize.

Host an interactive Q&A

Engage with customers and answer their questions in real time and collect email leads. Like Facebook and Periscope live stream, you can use Instagram Live video to boost your brand image and create a strong customer satisfaction by hosting live Q-and-A sessions, tutorials, and demos. Instagram Live is both a real-time video broadcasting tool and engagement platform.

Q&As are a popular subject for live videos; they offer value and can drive customer participation. In addition to viewing videos, users can also interact with hosts and other viewers via live chat.

So, friends, what do you think about Instagram Live stream? I know it’s still a new feature. Everyone is busy now focusing on how it work and looking at it purely as a tool to drive engagement.

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