How To Easily Manage Social Media Relations in 2019?

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You can publish an awesome video on YouTube, but how many subscribers you know who will stick to your video until it ends?

You can post beautiful photos you just have taken but how many followers you know from your list who will share it without any second thought?

How many retweets do you get per post on Twitter?

Well, the numbers might not be surprising but ask yourself a question – have you ever tried to go personal and reach out to some of your subscribers or followers who recently engaged with your content?

You may be thinking that you have hundreds of thousands fans and how could it be possible to reach out to them?

It seems pretty hard and time-consuming, right?

But yes, there are some easy and suitable approaches to manage your media relations in 2019.

Building media relations is a concept that has been installed in the field of publicity for years. However, thanks to the wide range of communication possibilities inherited via the Internet and, mainly, the social channels available, in 2019, they offer a new approach.

Media relations and their implementation have been a fundamental aspect of every strategy for both small businesses and potentially large brands. Therefore, it’s a fact that right now we have at our disposal a resource of particular relevance.

But, exactly when is it necessary to take the media relations seriously?

The position we have assumed after our years of operation in the industry has aligned us with specific trends, which Forbes recently explained:

a media relations plan should take place both during the establishing phase of a brand and for its subsequent expansion and growth.

– Forbes.

Having said that, what does a media relations plan look like?

Let’s start with the foundation of networking. This is nothing more than expanding our network of professional contacts (journalists, influencers, specialized media, etc.), which will be of great importance and interest in sales.

The reason for it is that, on many occasions, new contacts derive in new clients, suppliers, and business opportunities. So, our advice is that at least spend 15 minutes a day networking.

Stay Active On Social Media

Some networks aim to connect professionals with each other or with companies to establish contacts, such as Linkedin. On the other hand, there is Twitter.

Although Twitter has not been created to interact professionally, for its immediacy and spontaneity, it allows the answer to be practically immediate and way more casual so it might be a resource closer to you.
Consequently, try to have your profile well designed and above all, make good use of the keywords.


1. Use Twitter Tag generator for better presence on Twitter. Use the same tag on Linkedin.
2. Use an app like Content Studio or Buffer or SocialMarker to regularly post on social media. Even you should schedule all of your contents so that it gets posted automatically to keep your account fresh with info always.

Also, try to join the right groups for your niche market, and actively participate in the conversations that are attracting people related looking for solutions related to your brand. Ultimately, professional social networks are crucial to your media relations strategy.

Is there an event about to be held? Know who to connect with before attending

Before going to the event, think about what you have in common with the people you are going to meet and try to identify both speakers and participants. For this, it is enough to take a little time gathering information online, reading blogs briefly or “snooping” on their social media profiles.

This preliminary task will help you determine possible contacts a priori, to locate the correct figures to achieve your objectives and to prepare valuable information when trying to put common interests and probe the ground in the first moments.


1. Follow the hashtag or Facebook groups that have created an event to which your brand wants to go or has been invited (you can probably create even your own event),
2. Create a list on Twitter and group them there to know which journalist or influencer you are interested in connecting.
3. Send them a message before the event to establish the first contact telling them you will attend, that you would like to get to know them and create synergies, tell them what you are doing.

Additionally, stay focused on providing value. It is not always possible to do business in the first event of media relations or networking, but rather to establish long-term ties.

Plan to make a new connection every week

Make it your goal to generate a new “real” contact every week. That is, you will not only increase the number of followers but instead, find people who make you grow commercially thanks to media coverage.


1. Search with your brand keywords on Twitter, Facebook or in LinkedIn and see who is popped up and find the people you are not connected yet.
2. Send them a DM and say hello and praise them for the works they are doing. No link, please. Just say them how much you love them for the value they are offering for free.
3. Use Buzzstream to find influencers of your industry.

Offer valuable content

Contents are fundamental when it comes to showing your network of contacts what you are capable of doing and how you can help them.

Adding knowledge of the topics you master not only allows you to grow as a leader in the market, strengthen your brand, but by sharing them as news or perhaps a pure “data” relevant to your medium or platform, you will attract more people.


1. Post industry related statistics often.
2. Post resources, checklists, documents & videos.
3. Share other people’s content from your industry.
4. Share outstanding blog posts related to your brands (if it is from your competitor, then do so. No harm done here).

It should be noted that taking the necessary time to build a network of journalists and influencers that adds to your brand is essential to generate a good reputation, but will also automatically lead to increased sales.

Get to know the good side and get ready for the not-so-good one

To establish media relations, the first contact must be quick. Whether in person, via DM or email, focus on offering an exclusive, which also allows you to develop a deeper relationship on an upcoming occasion.


1. Take the rejection or avoidance as your inspiration.
2. Never get rude if someone doesn’t reply to you at all.
3. Never ask for any favor in your first message. Just say “hello” and let them know you exist. 🙂

Try to be clear about what you want to convey briefly and concisely, and generate interest to resume contact later. Remember that you must be respectful with the time of others, but also with yours, without ever being discourteous.

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    that you have used to illustrate your every points. In business field stay active on social media is really important. Making a new connection every week will not only increase the follower but will also enlarge the network, as networking is vital for business. Offering valuable content will helps a lot and will also allows to grow as a leader in market and strengthen the brand. Offering some valuable contents also show good responses. Your all the mentioned tips are effective but i truly like an idea of offering valuable content, making new connection every week and stay active on social media platforms.

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