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What’s Hot This Week

Do you know, Google-owned YouTube is trying to catch up with Facebook Live and Twitter-owned Periscope? YouTube is the leader in online video, and pretty much has been since the online video has existed.

YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

YouTube, despite its authority in online video, has been calm to adopt mobile live streaming. While Twitter and Facebook have permeated the ‘broadcast anywhere’ mentality, Google has stuck mostly to Hangouts and other desktop-focused streaming setups. You know they are offering live streaming on YouTube since 2011 before it was cool. But now they have decided to start YouTube mobile live-streaming for all content creators with over 10,000 subscribers. Anyone with less than this has been promised they will enjoy the feature “soon”.

Mobile Live Streaming on YouTube + Super Chat

To help you generate revenue from your live streams, YouTube is also rolling out Super Chat. Super Chat a new live stream monetization tool. Anyone watching a live-stream can pay for their comment or message to be highlighted, the length of time the comment stays and pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours, as a way of making them stand out from the crowd and to let the streamer know they’re a big fan.

YouTube started beta testing Super Chat in January and has since uncovered more than 20 countries. If you need more information than visit YouTube Help page. Thats it for youtube. Buy youtube views at the cheapest prices. We have multiple plans and prices, visit the link given.

Pinterest Introduced Lens App, A Visual Discovery Tool

In the Pinterest news, they have launched a visual discovery tool called Lens. Which uses your phone’s camera and allows you to take a picture of a real-world object and search Pinterest for related items and images on the Pinterest website.

Pinterest introduced three new visual discovery tools “that turn any image into an entry point to finding more ideas” and make it “easier than ever to find ideas on Pinterest and from the world around you.”

Pinterest also rolled out two new buttons, “Shop the Look” and “Instant Ideas”. If you notice something that looks interesting in a pin, tap on the circle that appears. And this will unlock related ideas.

Shop the Look is an amazing shopping feature that helps you to browse and buy items they see in fashion and home Pins.

LinkedIn now provides ‘Disable Comment’ options on long-form articles

LinkedIn is introducing a new tool which allows users to manage comments on their long-form articles. Once you have posted your long-form article, you can go to the Comment settings options and click “Disable comments” at any time.

LinkedIn’s company blog states that this option is currently only available for the desktop and long-form articles on the site. For mobile users, they will have to activate the ‘disable’ option from another device.

Note: When you save your changes to disable comments from posts with existing comments, the comments will be deleted permanently.

However, LinkedIn plans to add the option to turn off comments on all posts “soon.” LinkedIn’s also adding in a new option to report specific comments if you consider them inappropriate.

With the speculation that YouTube is now preferred channels and videos that inspire viewers to spend more time on the site. So, tell us what do you think of mobile live streaming on YouTube? Or have you checked out the new “Lens”, “Shop the Look”, and “Instant Ideas” buttons on Pinterest? If so, please share your valuable thoughts with us.


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