20 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

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Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to use Pinterest strategically? You know there have 53 million unique monthly Pinterest users in the United States. So we can say Pinterest is a great platform for businesses of all sizes and sectors. But when it comes to marketing on Pinterest, many businesses are stuck and don’t know where to start. From B2B to B2C, there are a number of targets you can explore from driving web and traffic to increasing visibility. So, have you realized the business value from using Pinterest? Ready to take on one of the most social networks out there? Here’s everything you need to know before you sign up.

1. Add Pin It Button to Your Images

You know Pinterest is a powerful social networking site that can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Adding a “Pin it” hovers button to your blog images is a great way to encourage your visitors to share your post via Pinterest. The pin it button is easy to activate and Pinterest provides detailed directions for how to do it.

2. Set up your Pinterest Personal Page to a Business Page

Pinterest Business account will help you to build your brand, boost traffic to your site, increase in-store sales and much more. I think you know business pages will give you helpful information via the added analytics features that personal pages don’t.

3. Name Boards to Illustrate Your Business

You need to name your boards with creative and interesting names. They get shared whenever you pin something, so make them enticing and also make sure it represent your business which is searchable and recognizable. But be creative you need to keep your board names short.

4. Explore Rich Pins

I think you know Pinterest currently has six types of rich pins that let you add topic-specific information to a pin. These pins include extra information such as description, price, address and more.

  • Place pins
  • Article pins
  • Product pins
  • Recipe pins
  • Movie pins
  • App pins

5. Follow Other Businesses

Do you know Pinterest has been proven to have a higher conversion rate compared to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter? Many businesses share content on Pinterest that they don’t share elsewhere. Connect with your trusted content providers on Pinterest to see what else they have to offer and it should be your niche.

6. Invite Others to a Group Board

To invite others to a group board, go to that board and click the Edit button then type the names of other people you would like to add as contributors. And you can also remove pinners and any inappropriate pins from the board.

7. Keep Your Pins Inspiring

People pin and repin things they like and want. So think of your Pinterest boards as your visual portfolios, and make your pins as appealing as possible. Just stay positive and stay motivated.

8. Trending topics on Pinterest

You can easily find what is trendy on Pinterest. To see what’s trending on Pinterest, click on the drop-down menu in the search bar and select “Popular”. The Popular page will show you a list of the most popular pins on Pinterest at that time. Use this item to make your profile more popular.

9. Consumer Research And Analysis

You know the importance of analyzing users who follow your business on Pinterest can give you a lot of information about your target market and a pool of potential clients. By following these pinners and evaluating what else they’re pinning, liking and commenting on, you can discover clear trends about your audience.

10. Create A Board of Place Pins

Place pins are a special kind of rich pin that allows users to create a map with the content they share. For instance, if you pin a photo of your favorite drinking spot to a board, you can now include its location too.

11. Be Useful

People use the internet for two main purposes: one is entertainment and others one is problem-solving. So you need to use some helpful information and entertaining items to increase engagement it can be a helpful YouTube video about your product, service or industry or any other things.

12. Interacting with other Pinterest users

Pinterest is, unlike other social networks, much more about saving and sharing content than it is about interacting with other users. Pinning and liking other, tagging users, commenting, sending pins, is a great way to reach your target.

13. Naming your images with keywords

Do you want to make sure your website images are found when users are searching the web for pins? Then name your images with right keyword. And it will help search engine to understand the image name.

14. Optimize Pinterest For SEO

Content and SEO go hand in hand regardless of the platform. Pinterest is no exception to this rule. We have added 6 additional tips for optimizing your business profile to make Pinterest work better for search engines:

  • Select your username wisely
  • Optimize the “About” section and add your website link
  • Write your profile description with search optimization in mind
  • Speak your customers’ language and write your board description with the keyword.
  • Ensure your image file names and alt text are optimized
  • Use hashtags

15. Promote Your Less-Followed Boards

Are you looking to improve your Pinterest propensity and drive traffic? Pinterest has performed really well for a lot of business, it caters to all industry. When it comes to pinning, boards that get less of your attention are followed less.

16. Reap the Benefits of Multiple Platforms

Social media can be a gold mine for your organization. And it offers a direct avenue into people’s lives and many other things. Connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook, Twitter other social networking site and use Pinvolve to share your pins to Facebook and let your fans know you’re on Pinterest.

17. Title Boards With Keywords

Title your boards with keywords to help them show up in the Pinterest search. Understanding how Pinterest works is key to optimizing your keywords and making sure your pins get the attention they deserve. If you want to get found on Pinterest, and through other searches, use optimized keywords on titles.

18. Use Different Types of Content

Pinterest is an amazing way to collect your marketing messages all in one place: Use Pinterest as it was intended: a visual idea board, a form of visual storytelling, a way to inspire others and to be inspired. And it is a great platform to share video from YouTube, slideshows from SlideShare and audio from SoundCloud.

19. Link Back to Your Site

Always try to include link your pins back to your site. Pinterest now has a “nofollow” rule, but it is important to link back to your products. That way pinners can always click on your pin, and be directed to your product page. Just remember, the more hits your site gets, the better you are in search rankings.

20. Pinterest analytics

To enter your account’s analytics page, just click Analytics bar at the top of the page. Analytics you are automatically directed to your Audience Overview report. This analytics bar will help you to learn valuable things about your audience demographics, such as gender, location, and other interests.


Pinterest can be a remarkable platform to market your business on a global scale. Do you have any tricks to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business? If so, please leave a comment below!


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