Best Alternatives to

Best Alternatives to

Are you looking for the best Plug DJ alternatives?

Are you looking for the ways to share and discover music?

Plug DJ is a unique and great site for sharing and discovering music. The website has robust international communities spanned all across the world. The users of Plug DJ can explore a number of expressive characters.

Moreover, they can join any number of virtual rooms. The rooms allow them to discover, share music and videos. The community allows them to communicate with the international community using real-time chat translation.

Plug DJ allows users to communicate with brands and deliver an interactive, deeply immersive and real-time media experience for customers worldwide. The average user can spend an hour on the site per visit while actively transmitting engaging social videos and music.

Musicians and DJs find the site extremely valuable. They find the platform engaging to attract fans from around the world in real time. Plug DJ works with upcoming artists as well to showcase their new videos and mixtapes to fans.

Best Alternatives to Plug DJ


This website combines several social elements to keep viewers of this engaged. The clever social dynamics keep the site interesting as well. The interface of the sixty-one is pretty smooth. Artists of the site are independent musicians.

Although the site features some recognizable artists, such as Ratatat, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, CSS, etc.

  1. Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud has interactive features that allow the users to save audio files for distribution. The file downloaded can be made available via the Vibe Cloud Website. The file can be downloaded or distributed by anyone who wishes to do so.

Once you save the files at Vibe Cloud, then the files can be downloaded and distributed by anyone chooses to do so.

  1. FM delivers a free software replacement for the site like is quite intuitive. It saves and prepares a music list based on your listening habit. The information can be sent to the site’s server.

The user’s audio player can carry the information sent over In addition, the site offers music streaming based on your choice of music.

  1. Jamendo

Jamendo features an open community of independent artists. The site is great for music lovers. It is a music website. It boasts as the world’s “latest digital service for free music.” At the center of Jamendo, there is an economic model that allows free music downloading for web users.

At the same time, Jamendo offers revenue opportunities for artists through commercial uses. You can use the site for music licensing platform.

  1. Mielophone

The software is great for listening and downloading new music. This is great for locating music as well. There are databases like MusicBrainz, Last FM, and BBC Radio. These databases make it easier for finding details on singers, songs, and albums.

With Mielophone, you can access updated crowd-sourced databases. Mielophone assembles any missing data. Then, it gives you access to information of all sorts.

  1. Lomoio

This is one of the most finest websites to download music. Lomoio offers exclusive services to download your most favorite MP3 melodies. When downloading the music, you won’t have to lose an arm and a leg.

  1. MP3Fiesta

This is a great site for featuring soundtracks, most favorite tracks, recordings, satire and talked word records. The site is open for everybody. It has clients signing up from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Israel, and all the European nations.

  1. Stingray Music

The site has more than 100 million users from over 113 countries. It quickly became one of the world’s leading multi-stage music benefit suppliers. It delivers high-quality music video and content on various stages.

Stingray gives you access to a large number of tunes. The several straight sounds are directed in all music sorts. Every channel makes its way into the mainstream production.

  1. Songr

If you have multiple numbers of songs to download, then you will love Songr. Songr allows you to search through an assembly of music and download them directly on to your devices. It has an interactive and attractive interface for you to work with.

Songr has a powerful medium to discover and listen to music. You can look up Songs through music title. The outcomes of Songr are quite developed.

  1. Loudr

You have Loudr for aspiring artists to publish covers, mashups and mixtures. You won’t have to call different distributors or find random outsiders. Loudr made an amazing program that is called bread slicer.

Its interface is actually quite interactive. The interface makes it look amazing for music producers, aspiring artists alike.


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