How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video in 5 Minutes

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Are you tired of your obsolete cover photo?
Have you ever wished for using video instead of the cover photo?

When your fans and users visit your Facebook page, the first thing that grabs their attention is the cover photo. It is one of the first things they will notice and it creates the first impression. For new visitors, your cover photo helps represent your brand. And, it portrays your stories in just fleeting seconds.

But, is there any other way you can tell your stories better?

Is there any medium that can hold your visitors’ attention longer?

Yes, there is! And, it is video. Video immediately grabs your visitors’ attention and keep them fixated to your page longer than photo. Thankfully, Facebook introduced its cover video feature. Just like in the News Feed, a Facebook cover video will autoplay without any sound, capturing visitors’ attention right away!

Facebook cover video is obviously more powerful than cover photo.

In this article, I will tell you how to use a Facebook cover photo that could be powerful, attention grabbing and inspiring.

So, let’s explore:

Article at a Glance

  • Why Should You Use a Facebook Cover Video?
  • How to Upload a Cover Video
  • Technical Requirements for Uploading a Cover Video
  • Tips from Graphic Designers on Creating Attractive Cover Video

Let’s discover each of these topics in depth:

Why Should You Use a Facebook Cover Video?

  • A cover video is an excellent opportunity to make the first impression lasting
  • A cover video helps represent your brand strongly and vividly
  • If you need to portray your story about your brand in a few seconds, then no medium is as quite powerful as cover video
  • A short cover video can accomplish better results than a still photo
  • A cover video can help hold visitors on your page
  • A short cover video is proven to drive more engagement

Facebook Cover Video

How to Upload a Cover Video

Uploading a cover video on your Facebook is pretty straightforward. It is as simple as uploading a new photo. Follow the steps listed below to upload a cover video:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Facebook cover photo
  2. Upon hovering, you will see a camera icon pop up
  3. Click on the Change Cover icon
  4. If you are allowed to upload a cover video feature, you will see options to select a video from your library (Choose From Videos) or upload a new video (Upload Photo/Video)
  5. Choose select a video from your library if you want to upload a pre-made video clip. Choose upload a new video if you want to capture a new video clip

Technical Requirements for Uploading a Cover Video

There are certain requirements you have to abide by when uploading a cover video on your Facebook page. They are:

  • A Facebook cover video has to be a minimum of 820 × 462 pixels
  • Your cover video length must be between 20 to 90 seconds

If your video is too long, you have to shorten it before uploading it. Failing to meet the standards set by Facebook will make your cover video non-acceptable.

Tips from Graphic Designers on Creating Attractive Cover Video

  • Consider adding clear lines, plenty of white space and vibrant colors to capture your visitors’ attention
  • You cover photo has to look great when paused, so make sure you manicure every shot as visually interesting as possible

#For Example: check out the Walt Disney World video on the World of Avatar. It features subtle animation that will make you feel alive every way possible

  • Taking every shot visually interesting will make your cover video look more professional
  • Showcase your brand personality through the cover video
  • Try to display the human side of your brand through the cover video

#For Example: Orgain uploaded a cover video on June 16 that displays the brand’s human side. It shows a child’s disgust for food that he doesn’t like. It shows the cover video in a way that many parents can relate to. So, your cover video should be something your visitors could relate to


Facebook is doing everything it can to make its features more timely and effective. Its cover video feature can be a great way to showcase your brand in a unique and more actionable way.

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