How Social Media Significantly Improve your Online Business

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“93% of consumers turn to social media for making buying decisions.”

With the advent of social media websites, connecting with your friends, and family or the people in your life became much easier.

Even with the power of Web, social media websites are very useful platforms for marketing efforts.

Over the years, a rapid surge of advertisements on social sites is observed.
A large number of companies are opting for social media platforms to promote their business.

As social media establishes a close connection between the customers and enterprises. With millions of people logging into Facebook, Twitter, etc. every minute duly exposed eCommerce sites can receive website traffic.
In this article, I listed the ways social media sites could improve your business. Social media sites can help you develop your online business through some ways.

Increased Website Traffic

A marketer or business owner’s efforts to run an efficient business center around techniques, and methods they employ to attract more customers.

When you are running an eCommerce site, achieving more traffic to your site is vital. Social media advertising, sponsored product display are excellent ways of increasing traffic to your site.

More traffic could result in more sales. As part of paid search strategy, you need to focus on commercial intent keywords. Keyword research and thought-provoking content ideas will interest your target audience.

Building Relationship

How to make relationship in social media

Casual, friendly chat held on social media websites can give your business a head start.

People may like to discuss the offers, vantages your products have before buying.

Interacting with your customers, answering their queries are the best ways to motivate a customer to place an order.

With your activism on social media, you can turn mere viewers into loyal customers. Loyal customers will fuel your business.

With their active participation and your passionate marketing campaign on social media can shore up their decision to make a purchase from your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and say Hello to your connections. 🙂

Creating Brand Image

How to achieve Brand Loyalty


“68% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after its online exposure.”

If you continue your efforts to bridge the gap between customers, and marketers, spikes in awareness, loyalty, and advocacy for your products will follow.

Social media endeavors create advocates for your brand. Lawyers who put the word out for your brand.

Splendid content shared on Facebook, blogging about latest products, attractive offers are vital incentives to get your brand known.

Boost For Small Businesses

As discussed above, social media helps create a brand identity and positive brand association.

Any small business can stream their outreach to new customers. Launching a business on social media will help you achieve a foothold in increasing your sales.

If your small business has limited products/services, reaching a target audience is imperative.

Not everyone may not be interested in your products, so target an audience that could be potentially interested in the products that your business has to offer.

Measuring Success

As your business grows big, it is imperative that you measure success with tracking data.

Developed social media planning requires tracking progress and trends.

Measure sales, determine what customers are growing apart, fix customers’ experience, build the relationship.

Here are some tools to measure your Social Media marketing performance –

  1. Customer Lifetime Value Calculator.
  2. Kissmetrics.
  3. Cyfe
  4. Google Analytics
  5. CloudBI

Tracking Competitors

Social Bakers is one of the pioneer of Social Marketing industry who provides data about your social media competitors and insights of what they are doing and existing engagement rate.

social marketing tracking


You can observe your competitors’ tactics through social media websites.

Monitor their techniques that are attracting customers more, apply them to your business. But, make the techniques more refined, and filtered to retain your brand name.
Social media marketing programs usually center on generating awareness and fortifying qualified leads.

Keeping the experience social, providing useful tips, information, sharing customer stories will increase your web shop’s popularity.

Remember, your first goal on social media should be about building the relationship.

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