The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing Strategy for Startups

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Do you want to give your business the strongest boost?

Do you want your business to thrive faster than others’?

Your approach to marketing determines the success of your startup. Many of us have desires to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Starting your own business is not something you can take lightly. The success of your business will often depend on its startup.

Owning and managing your own company come with a lot of benefits. And, more people than ever are fascinated with the idea of a startup. However, not many of them are able to realize their ideas and not many of them can lead a successful startup. That’s because the success of your startup takes more than just an electrifying idea or healthy bankroll.

Starting a business is thrilling. Satisfying consumers, earning reputation, creating wealth,  building partnership — it’s a whole new realm. And, the enthusiasm is shared by people of all ages and all walks of life that are jumping on the startup bandwagon.

It is true that “approximately 543,000 new businesses are launched every single month.” And, the statistics of failure are far more staggering.

“Nine out of ten startups fail.”

As you can see,  the pangs of failure are severe. No business wants to be among the nine. But, how come there’s only one startup that survived? What did the business do so differently that others failed to do? I’m here to tell you the story.

Although I may not know completely about the causes of their failure, I can give you proper guidance that will ensure longevity of your startup. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had my fair share of hurdles and obstacles. But, I managed to overcome them. Yes, I failed a few times. But, I never let them hold me back. Nor should you!

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

  • How the Foundation of your Startup Marketing Should Be Like
  • Why your Startup Marketing needs to have Social Media Strategy
  • 5-Step Launch Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Best Social Media Marketing Practices for Startups
  • Why Startups Fail: Common Mistakes

Simply put, startup marketing is a daunting task. And, this is how you can achieve success:

Startup Marketing Foundation

If the foundation is not strong, any construction will be tentative and prone to collapse. The same is true for a successful startup marketing strategy. You need to develop a strong foundation that involves choosing a market, understanding its wealth, and competition.

What many founders get it wrong is that they believe they can pitch their products to the whole world. Actually, only a small number of people may be interested in your product. If you constructed your startup for everybody, you may fail to attract the ones who could be benefited from your product the most.

Foundation Checklist

  • Determine your Market Size – Are you targeting the right demographic? Are you aware of the number of potential customers that you may find in your target market? Make sure you know exactly the kind of customers you are trying to attract and their size.
  • Understanding Market Wealth – does the market have the finance to purchase your product/service?
  • Understanding Competitors – who will you be competing with? Is your market saturated?

Social Media Strategy for Startups

Whether you’re a small business, an agency, a brand or a simple startup, you can always derive value from social media marketing. Social media has something for everyone. A solid marketing plan is always important for any successful marketing campaign. Social media marketing is the most cost-effective strategy your startup can utilize. Social media has proved to be the loudest medium to get the word of your brand.

You may have heard of Distractify and AirBnb and their startup success stories. What is so stunning about their successes is that these companies built their strength on social media campaigns. An effective social media campaign can help you build your brand, generate brand awareness and strengthen relationship with your clients.

How is a Social Media Marketing Plan important for Startups?

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of startups make is that marketing campaign doesn’t include a social media strategy. A social media marketing strategy can help startups amplify their growth. It can base all your marketing efforts. It can also give your startup a blueprint for what they need to do to accomplish their certain goal.

The 5-Step Launch Social Media Marketing Plan

Before starting social media marketing campaign, you need to set your business goals and objectives. You need to have a clear understanding of how social media can help you achieve those. Then, follow the 5-Step Launching Procedure listed below:

Step #1 – Choose the Right Platform for your Startup:

Just because Facebook is the largest social networking site, doesn’t mean your social media marketing strategy should only include Facebook. Yes, Facebook is important. But, if your customer base is not on the network you set your marketing plan with, then you may not be able to reach the target audience. There are certain factors that can help you determine the right channel for you. They are:

  1. The age group of your target audience.
  2. The location of your business.
  3. What kind of services your business renders.

For example, LinkedIn is more powerful than Facebook for individuals and brands looking to build new connections. However, if you want to promote your product/service, then Facebook and Tweeter may be your first choice.

Step #2 – Develop your Brand

When you’re a startup, you’ll encounter hordes of competitors looking to grab the same piece you are. Your brand, Page, Tweet, logo and URL need to reflect your brand. They will help your brand stand out from the crowd. You need to wage a quality program for developing the best apt brand name, logo or iconography. Make sure your URL contain the name of your brand. Invest substantial efforts and finance in designing visuals that can lure customers, employees, and partners right from the beginning.

Step #3 – Create a Website:

Just because it’s about social media marketing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own website. Social media can be pretty limited at showcasing your product/service. Therefore, you’ll need a website that will display your products the best way possible. Only having a functional website is not enough, you’ll need a sophisticated website that can deliver what your potential customer may want. Your website should include a rich blog site, clear call to action and your social media addresses.

Step #4 – Launch a Blog:

“Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.” No business can run a successful online campaign without a blog. Your blog will strengthen your company’s strategic position and inform your potential customers of your company’s products. It should also share a variety of tips to ease your customers’ lifestyle.

Step #5 – Have SEO & Link-Building Strategy:

Just having social media presence is not enough, you need to be found by your audience. That’s why link-spreading and link-building strategy should be coordinated with your social media marketing strategy. Source the keywords you’ll primarily use for blogging, social media, and your main website. Build a list of keywords or phrases that are highly relevant to your brand.

Best Social Media Marketing Practices for Startups

There are some proven ways to manage your startup. You can apply these techniques every time you have to run a social media marketing campaign. And, they are:

  • Think Differently – You’re launching a business when thousands are doing the same thing. You’re launching in a climate where the loudest aren’t heard most of the time. Rife with well-entrenched, influential companies, your only weapon is your ability to think. So, think and think big and make sure your thinking identifies the most effective ways to grow your business.
  • Brainstorm – Make sure you evaluate each tactic in a campaign to see how you can attract and retain users.
  • Talk to Your Customers – If you’re a startup, what you need to look for is feedback instead of a large number of customers. Resolve your existing customers’ issues, talk to them and understand them.
  • Set your Goals – Don’t conjure up lofty goals in the air and hope that you’ll achieve them. Set the type of goals that you’ll achieve given the resources and time.
  • Take an Interest in Growth Hacking – lack of resources requires the usage of growth hacking. There are a variety of growth hacking tools and strategies that will keep you ahead.

Common Startup Mistakes

There are a couple of mistakes you should avoid making. And, they are:

  • Wrong Platform – What network will be best suited for your marketing campaign? Your target audience will determine your network. Make sure you define your audience right.
  • Not Being Committed – Once you chose the right platform, commit to updating it often. An active presence on a certain platform creates a good impression.
  • Ignoring Content Marketing – Social media strategy almost entirely content marketing campaign. Make sure you share interactive infographics and blog posts.

Bottom Line – To keep your business thriving, you have to understand the competition better — you have to set up your marketing plans accordingly. Most importantly you have to have the courage to fuel your dream. In this article, I discoursed at how you can give your business the strongest foundation. So, make sure you follow this.



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