What Is Social Media Marketing?

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Are you wondering what social media marketing is?

Do you want to take your social marketing campaign to the epic level?

Imagine spending as little as 6 hours a week to handle all your business-promotion activities. You can boost your business’s recognition, as well as traffic, and sales by just six hours a week. And, you can do all those activities with little to no cost at all!

Sound good?

Yes, that’s right! I am talking about the power of social media marketing. I recognize its power. So do the 90% of marketers. They claim that social media helped generate exposure for their company. And, that is not the only advantage, there are numerous other benefits.

So, what is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Everybody is quite curious about it, aren’t they?

In this article, I tried going into social media marketing in depth. So, let’s find out about its ins and outs.

Article at a Glance

·         Definition of Social Media Marketing

·         Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Your Business

·         Reasons Why You Should Start Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Now

1.       Increased Brand Awareness

Five Steps to Using Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

2.       More Inbound Traffic

Tips on Increasing Inbound Traffic

3.       Improved Search Engine Rankings

How Improved Search Engine Rankings can help your campaign

How Can You Rank on Search Engines Better through Social Media

· Summary

Let’s cover each of these topics in depth:

Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the process involving gaining traffic or exposure through social media sites. By “social media sites”, I meant websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Social media marketing is performed through the social aspect of the Web.

The term social media is used to refer to the sites that may deliver fundamentally different social actions.

·For example: if you are a Twitter user, you can share short messages or updates with others. Facebook, on the other hand, is an ideal social networking site from all aspects. You can share photos, updates, and even join events and partake in a range of activities.

By leveraging the social aspect of the Web, you can connect and interact with a broad range of people. And, the communication is done on a much more dynamic and personalized level than traditional marketing.

You can employ your social media marketing strategy from a platform as simple as a blog. Or, you can operate your campaign through a Twitter or Facebook account as well. To allow further dissemination of your campaign, you can insert “Tweet This”, or “Share This” tags at the end of articles.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Your Business

Social media networks are a significant part of every marketing strategy. And, the benefits of social media marketing are so impressive and overwhelming that nowadays almost every multinational company operates such a social media campaign of some form.

Furthermore, implementing social media strategy is so cost-effective any firm that doesn’t have one is missing out on an extraordinary marketing opportunity.

A study by Social Media Examiner finds that 96% of marketers are taking part in social media marketing. Therefore, it is obvious that social media marketing is an important element for success in marketing. And, many marketers recognize the potential for business growth using social media platforms.

Here is a couple of reasons why your company should have a social media campaign:

Increased Brand Awareness

·Social media is one of the most cost-effective methods for increasing a business’s visibility. It is used by firms, companies and businesses alike to associate content. Implementing a social media method will hugely boost your brand recognition. Since you will engage with a broad array of consumers, you will easily increase your brand recognition.

Five Steps to Using Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

1.       Create a social media profile for your business and begin interacting with others

2.       Ask your employees, sponsors, business partners, consumers and well-wishers to “follow”, “like” and “share”                your page

3.       By allowing people to interact with your brand will increase your brand recognition

4.       Ask your “followers” or “likes” to share your post through their profiles

5.       Invest only a few hours a week writing and publishing compelling content on your social media profiles

Sharing increases visibility among a wide range of spectators. Each time your post is shared on someone else’s profile introduces your brand to a new network of individuals.

91% of marketers claim that their social marketing effort greatly helped increase their brand exposure.

Every time your post is shared individuals has the possibility of becoming potential customers. The more people know about your business, the better results it will bring for your brand.

More Inbound Traffic

· Marketing your business on social increases the potential of attracting new consumers. Without promoting your business to social media users, your inbound traffic remains limited to usual customers.

Tips on Increasing Inbound Traffic

1.       The people who know about your brand are likely looking up for the same keywords already rank for. If you                   don’t integrate social media with your marketing strategy, you will have much more obstacles reaching anyone             outside of your consumer circle.

2.       Every social media profile featuring your brand is a gateway to your website. And, content published on social              media creates a new opportunity to acquire a new customer. Social media is a true melting pot of people from              all walks of life and cultures.

3.       Different types of people with varying orientations, backgrounds and behaviors assemble on social media. And,           you have an excellent opportunity to appeal to the target audience you want.

4.       Designing your content on as many platforms as possible allows individuals to reach your business organically.

#For Example an older individual of your consumers will look for your website using a particular keyword on Facebook. But, a millennial could opt for a different social media platform entirely to begin their search.

That’s because of millennial searches for products totally different. By marketing on social media, you can attract a broad range of consumers. And, you can make your business more accessible to a wide spectrum of versatile consumers across the globe.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

·If you are involved in digital marketing, then you obviously have heard of search engine optimization. If you haven’t, no problem. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a collection of techniques used to have your website or Web pages ranked higher on search engines. SEO is very important for gaining higher page rankings and directing traffic to your website.

Whether social media is an important factor to increase traffic is disputable. However, a recent study done by Social Media Examiner finds that 58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer experience improved search engine rankings.

While social media may not directly increase your rankings on search engines, it can definitely help you gain exposure. And, if you need confirmation, check out the study done by Social Media Examiner. It can obviously gain you confidence in your social media campaign.

How Improved Search Engine Rankings can help your campaign:

1.       If you are ranked in the top positions of search engines for your keywords, you are likely to bring traffic to your           website. Furthermore, you can generate positive results for your business.

2.       Who doesn’t use Google to find information? Yes, everyone does. However, not everyone will navigate past                   Page 1 because their answer normally does not appear on the first page of search engine results.

3.       If your business website is geared towards the top of search engine results, you should adjust your search                     engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

How Can You Rank Better on Search Engines through Social Media

1.       Create  high-quality content to increase the chance of ranking better through social media

2.       Create content that integrates better your targeted keywords

3.       Content, such as blogs, case studies, infographics, business information and employee photos will make your                social media profiles and be posting more interesting

4.       Frequently update your social media profiles to stay relevant and popular

5.       Try posting content that can ease your followers’ lifestyle and solve a problem


Social media marketing has revolutionized marketing efforts completely. A firm established in recent times will find it difficult to survive if it doesn’t integrate social media profiles. Social media marketing continues to benefit savvy marketers of all sorts. It is high time you did too.

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