The Busiest Person’s Guide to Managing Social Media on Schedule

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Wondering how to streamline all your social media managing tasks?

With the advent of interconnected technology, we have plenty of social networking sites. Some help us speak what is on our mind, some help us express our ideas the loudest within 140 words. And, some allow us to represent our daily happenings with visual media. So, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed with overlapping activities to manage all of them.

A busy person like me is bound get exhausted. You can hardly keep pace with all the changes, how are you gonna manage all of them? I developed a knack for managing all the social media accounts I have. This article details the secret. So, keep reading to find out about the secret:



Notifications the first thing I do in the morning is that I check my emails, and social media notifications. If anything deserves my attention, I follow it up emails, replies or retweets. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.


I sift through my News Feed for a quick understanding on what’s happening or what’s trending. I curate the topics that concern my niche. Curating provides me with wealth of information on how I am going to craft my next post. I spend less than 10 minutes on curating.

Posting to Social Media

Once I finished curating, it’s time to post to social media and update people with my say. I sometimes use a couple of social media management tools on which I wrote in this article too.


If I feel that there’s a certain time for a certain type of updates, I schedule it with tools. You can too easily schedule posting throughout the day, through the weekend or overnight with simple tools. So, check out the tools described here.



I revisit the social media sites and profiles I updated earlier.


After revisiting, if a situation requires my attention, I respond to it. If you update your social media profiles, people are likely to interact with you. So, don’t keep them hanging on. Respond to them with appropriate replies.


Apart from responding to queries, I engage with the people in my niche and learn about their insights on the current trend or upcoming trends. You can interact them via chats or personal messages.



I review the actions I made throughout the day and look for improvements and solutions if there are issues.

Signing Up

Signing up to new events and chats builds new connections.

Tools to Streamline your Social Media Management


The tool simply makes your social media marketing a breeze. It simplifies your business activity. You can connect to a wide range of social media sites with EveryPost. They are: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr. The tool gives you the options to schedule your updates for posting, save and shorten the URL.


Another popular social media managing tool that will allow you to create a rich custom posting schedule. It has well-stocked analytics. You can adjust the frequency of daily posting with it as well.

Bottom Line

Certainly managing your social media network is not the most favorite job out there. But, it helps you connect with others, build links and share insights. If you’re a busy person, you can schedule your time with valuable information listed above.

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