Spyfu Review: Keyword Research, SEO and PPC Tool

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Are you looking for an effective tool to perform deep CPC/PPC research?

Do you want a great keyword research tool to stay ahead in the competition?

Whether you’re into SEO or PPC, knowing potential customers’ interest is vital. Your business could be small, medium or large. No matter what size they be, your customers are the lifeblood of your business.

And, if you’re into digital marketing, then you’ll have do plenty of research on your potential customers.

The good news is, there are tools available that will allow you to perform research-intensive tasks. One of such tools is SpyFu. It’s not only an effective tool for PPC/CPC, but also a full suite of keyword research and management.


Article at a Glance

  • What Is SpyFu?
  • Why Should You Use SpyFu?
  • SpyFu Toolset
  • Overview of SpyFu Features

Let’s cover each of these topics in depth:

What Is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a cloud-based competitive research tool. It focuses on search marketing. SpyFu is an extremely popular tool. Due to its remarkable features, it’s considered quite useful among savvy marketers.

Why Should You Use SpyFu?

If you’re an online marketer, then you need up-to-date tactics to succeed. And, SpyFu has the search marketing secret formula that you have been looking for to succeed in your online marketing campaign.

As a competing marketer, you’ll need useful information on the most profitable keywords. And, SpyFu delivers such valuable information. SpyFu also provides valuable information on ads run for organic and paid search.

SEO and PPC professionals can benefit greatly from the avant-garde technology offered by SpyFu. Frequent use of SpyFu offers a robust online marketing strategy. With SpyFu, you will gain more customers as well as a boost in revenue in the process.

SpyFu Toolset

SpyFu has a variety of tools that can be indexed. SpyFu’s toolset covers:

SpyFu Classic

SpyFu Classic deals with everything critical to PPC. It’s the flagship section of SpyFu. Upon entering one domain on the home page, SpyFu Classic returns massive data. You will receive valuable information on:

  • Total Paid Keywords
  • Total Organic Keywords
  • Adwords PPC Budget on a Daily Basis
  • Estimated Value of Organic Traffic
  • Top Ten Paid Keywords
  • Organic Competitors
  • Average Position of Ads vs # of Advertisers
  • Compassion between Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic Estimates

SpyFu Kombat

Kombat is a very unique feature of SpyFu. You can important information on where your top keywords overlapped with your competitors. Just type in your domain and SpyFu will return an interactive data visualization.

Domain Ad History

This section shows the keyword history of a particular domain.

Keyword Ad History

In Keyword Ad History, you will receive information on how frequently the keyword appeared in your domain’s PPC campaign.

Keyword Smart Search

This section concerns data related to PPC campaign, keyword data, etc.

A Variety of Top 100 Lists

Overview of SpyFu Features

  • Backlinks Searches
  • Keyword Searches
  • Paid Keywords
  • Domain Searches
  • Data Exports
  • In-Depth SEO Reports
  • Filter Sales Leads
  • Adwords Advisor Reports


SpyFu is a feature-rich tool that offers valuable and reliable information on SEO, PPC and CPC. Without SpyFu, your digital marketing campaign will be incomplete.


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