Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement

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Is your Facebook Profile or Page turning up the results you’re expecting?

With more than a billion daily active users, Facebook is bigger than the largest country on Earth. A minute on Facebook will introduce you to a plethora of activities involving sharing, posting, likes or tagging. With so much activity Facebook being brimmed with, there won’t be a dearth of engagement, right?

But, there’s this Great Facebook Exodus continuing across the globe that has seen many businesses quiting Facebook. It doesn’t have to be this way. Facebook is the largest social networking sites. It offers immense potential for getting the name out there. If used correctly, Facebook can yield significant conversion for your brand.

Maybe you’re not getting enough shares, likes, comments that you’re expecting your Page to turn up. Your fans’ interaction with your Page determines how successful your online campaign is.

Facebook MarketingWith millions of posts overlapping each other every minute, how can you make yours stand out? It is imperative you have to play smarter. Below are such few tactics that you can leverage to boost engagement. Let’s find out what they are:

  1. Photo Content Receive 39% More Interaction – the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than it does with text. Photo content accounts for 93% of the most engaging posts. So, it is obvious that photo content drives engagement. If you have explored the power of images, then you should right away. Whenever you try to update your Page, try to include images providing brief understanding of what the post contains and what your fans can expect from it.
  2. Find the Right Time to Post – more and more people are joining Facebook. More brands are competing with each other on this platform. As the number of posts increased significantly, so did the odds of them going up in smoke. Since the competition is fiercer than ever. So, you need to post when the most users log in to Facebook? Wrong! You need to post when engagement is the highest — when your post could yield the most engagement. Facebook Insights is a pretty handy tool to find out the right time suitable for updates.
  3. Always Put Fans First – prioritize your fans’ expectation and wants. Share content what your fans want to see. More often than not, many businesses just assume people want to see the posts only related to the industry they are in. If your Page deals with a clothing line, then posting content only about clothes won’t keep your fans engaged all the time. Therefore, introduce a diversity among posts. You could post sometimes post about tips starting a clothing line.
  4. Review the Past Posts – what worked for you in the post? What type of content generated more engagement? Publish more of the similar type of content. Once you found the type of content that worked for you, now you can double down on that type of content. Sprout has a special tool called Facebook Analytics that will help you determine your best performing posts.
  5. Shorter Posts Yield 23% More Interaction – the 140-character posts worked wonders for Twitter users, didn’t they? Several stats report that you should also emulate the practice of writing short posts. With less than 250 characters, you can yield 60% more engagement.
  6. Post Organic Videos – compared to images, videos have a greater percentage of organic reach. It is almost 135%. This type of videos start playing immediately upon scrolling through the News Feed. Organic videos could involve you explaining your flagship product.
  7. Share Infographics – some of the images you share may have included a link to your website. Many people lose interest in pursuing the update further or may deem it as click-bait. But, sharing detailed graphics are proven to have a bigger impact on overall engagement.
  8. Ask your Fan Questions – question Posts tend to generate almost 100% more comments than standard text-based posts. Use words like ‘should’, ‘which’, ‘who’ and ‘which’ to ask questions. This gives the fans very limited options to answer and generates more comments.
  9. Organize Contests – nothing stirs people as hard as competition. A properly organized content encourages engagement and generates more likes. Research shows 35% of your fans could like your Page simply to participate in contests.
  10. Offer Discounts – coupon-based campaigns and discounts generate the highest engagement rates. A study conducted by Wildfire Interactive finds that 42% of Facebook fans may like a Page to achieve a coupon or discount.

Bottom Line – no social media outlet has been as lucrative as Facebook. It is something you must integrate with your marketing plan. And, the engagement of your fans will determine your success on the platform. If you want to boost engagement, go through the tactics listed above.

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