Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps

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So, are you keeping in touch with your friends and family via social networking sites?

Billions of people are on social networking platforms; are you on them too?

Communication has become the fastest and easiest with the development of the Internet. But, communicating with your friends and family as if the Internet were a society? Then, you will need a social networking site or an app.

Humans are social beings. Humans prefer living in colonial system. The concepts behind “social networking” are as old as when humans first started living together. Humans have always wanted to connect, network and promote with one another.

When businesses, commerce, curing, management are going online, why not make the Internet social?

Yes, the idea is electrifying and all of a sudden, you have plenty of social networking sites and apps.

Now social networking sites are no longer limited to social communication. Savvy business owners now must have social media campaign to stay relevant, not to mention utilize emerging opportunities.

But, what social platforms should you be on?

Below is a list of the 10 most important social networking sites and apps:

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Let’s take a look at the top social networking sites according to monthly active users. The data listed below are obtained in July 2017:

Social Network Monthly Active Users (as of July 2017)
Facebook 1,500,000,000
YouTube 1,490,000,000
Instagram 700,000,000
Twitter 328,000,000
LinkedIn 250,000,000
The Vine Camera (previously known as Vine) 200,000,000 160,000,000
Pinterest 150,000,000
tumblr 115,000,000
Flickr 112,000,000

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and AppsTop 10 Social Networking Apps

Now wondering what the top social networking apps? Let’s find out what the top 10 social networking apps are:

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has changed the ways we receive or send messages. Messenger not only allows you to send text messages to friends, but it has plenty of features as well. You can now make financial transactions, video and phone calls with the app.

  • Monthly Active Users: 1,200,000,000
  1. WhatsApp

Facebook paid a whooping $19 billion to purchase WhatsApp. Over 50 billion messages have been sent through WhatsApp. It easily fills up your friend list with phone numbers already on your phone.

  • Monthly Active Users: 1,000,000,000
  1. Instagram

A picture speaks a thousand words. And, Instagram constantly reminds us of how powerful pictures are. Besides uploading selfies, the youth uses this platform to notify what they’re doing.

  • Monthly Active Users: 700,000,000
  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is used by users both for messaging and photo sharing purpose. One thing you should be mindful of when using this platform is pictures shared through Snapchat could make their ways online.

  • Monthly Active Users: 301,000,000
  1. Twitter

President Donald Trump generates outcry every time he tweets. Well, Twitter is a unique platform for both broadcasting and consuming information.

  • Monthly Active Users: 328,000,000
  1. Pinterest

The social media app, whose 80% of users are female. It is a rather family friendly app though.

Monthly Active Users: 175,000,000

  1. Vine

Vine is a video-sharing service, owned by Twitter. If your child has a Twitter account, chances are he/she posted a Vine video.

  • Monthly Active Users: 150,000,000
  1. Google+

You may feel extremely surprised at Google+ making it here. Yes, Google+ is not popular among the youth. Moreover, you will hardly find anyone who uses it. But, since Gmail, Google+ and YouTube accounts are all connected, it has a following.

  • Monthly Active Users: 111,000,000
  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a platform that you will use not just to blog, but also to consume content from other blogs. The mobile is effective for texting, sharing photos and videos.

  • Monthly Active Users: 100,000,000
  1. Linkedin

It has become the go-to platform for connecting with people in your niche and field. There are job circulars available on the platform available you can apply to as well.

  • Monthly Active Users: 90,000,000


In this article, I listed the top social networking sites and apps with the most up-to-date statistics and data. So, make sure you are on these platforms and apps to take your social efforts to an epic level. They are important for your overall marketing campaign as well.

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