Top 6 Sites to Buy YouTube Views

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Want to learn how to flush your phone or trap a rat?

You’ll most likely “YouTube” it. That’s how connected our lives have become with YouTube.

It all started in 2005, when three young American men couldn’t find the raw tsunami footage they were looking for. Becoming frustrated, they decided to launch a website with the idea of sharing videos online. Little did they know their site could one day be worth billions of dollars and become one of the most powerful sites on the Webosphere!

Now it is 2017. YouTube is still thriving and opening new doors of possibilities. Marketing now almost entirely depends on social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. And, YouTube is one of the dominating sites when it comes to marketing. YouTube gives marketers, businesses and bloggers a unique opportunity to grow.

But, creating content and attracting more views have become difficult as YouTube is constantly expanding. When more views determine your popularity, you need to think of purchasing YouTube views. Below is a list of top 5 reliable sites where you can buy YouTube views:

1. (Discontinued)

started recently and quickly ascended to becoming a top social media boosting service provider; BuyBulkSocial has plans for you YouTube needs. BuyBulkSocial can help you boost your authority and ranking on YouTube with genuine views, subscribers, and likes. The boosting service giant can also direct traffic to your channel. Thus, you can maximize your YouTube ROI. BuyBulkSocial’s YouTube solution starts from $15. You can get 500 YouTube views for the price. (Discontinued)


if you’re on a tight budget, yet looking for organic YouTube views, then Devumi can help you out. The site prides on delivering 100% real views from genuine people for your YouTube videos. The website guarantees safe and risk-free transaction and views for your YouTube channel. Devumi ensures 87-97% retention rate. You can purchase 25,000 views under $100 from Devumi.


the YouTube views bought from this website will ensure a strong boost for likes, comments and more views. The website has a pretty simple procedure for purchasing views. It will certainly help you in generating more views, engagement and getting a higher rank. You can also get in touch with the staff 24/7. The site’s popular pack offers 50,000 views at $169.


would you want 1,000 YouTube views for free? Yes, this website offers 1,000 views for your YouTube videos that your can achieve free of cost. The site can generate traffic for your YouTube videos based on your location. So, no matter where you are, you can receive YouTube views from your location. It offers 24/7 customer support.


boasted as the best deal, the best pack of this site will keep your YouTube videos hit with 10,000 views for $36. And, 25,000 views will cost you $75. CoinCrack can help you amplify your YouTube channel with up to 50,000 views. The site claims to have delivered 10,000-25,000 views per day.


as every pack from this site comes with money back guarantee, you can rest assured that the transaction and deal will be genuine. Audience Gain recognizes the importance of views in promoting your brand and channel, that’s why they have packages, starting from as low as $5. The $5 Iron Pack will gain you 1,000+ views at 1-5 delivery time. You can buy up to 100,000 views from this site for the cost of $160.

Bottom Line

YouTube’s dominance on the Internet makes it a pretty valuable platform that no digital marketer can resist. If you’re creating your marketing plans without YouTube, then you’re missing a lot. So, to achieve a strong presence on YouTube, make sure you have enough views. And, the sites listed will get you started.

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