How to Increase Twitter Impressions Organically – Step by Step Guideline

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When it comes to twitter marketing, the most important metrics is about your Twitter engagement. If people aren’t retweeting or liking your Tweets, then you will not gain any result to share your products or service and there will have a good chance your message is falling on deaf ears. You know, Tweeting without any engagement is like shouting your thinking to an empty room.

It is true that engagement is highly important to reach your destination. Before people can interact with your Tweets, they need to see them on their feed. That’s why you need to identify how many Twitter users are seeing your Tweets and Twitter impressions will help you to track them easily.

What are Twitter Impressions?

Twitter impressions are the number of times a user is served a Tweet in their timeline or search results. Each time a twitter user sees your Tweet, it counts as an impression. It is all about how many times my tweet showed up in people’s feeds.

Let’s see with an example, just imagine you have sent out a Tweet to promote a new blog article about “website making tips”, and it was seen by three different people:

  1. The user follows you and saw the Tweet in their timeline. They also retweeted it.
  2. This follows user No. 1, so they saw the Retweet in their feed.
  3. This user searched “website making tips” on Twitter and your Tweet popped.

Each continuity counts as an impression, for a total of three. In short word, Twitter impression simply represents the number of times your Tweet show up in someone’s feed or search results.

How to Get More Impressions?

As you can guess that, increasing impressions is important because it means your Tweets will be visible to more person. You know, Twitter is one of the major platforms to reach your targeted audiences around the world. And it has over 320 million monthly active users. So, you need to work hard to stand out and get people to notice your content. Here are some suggestions to help you along the way.

Tweet at the Right Time

The easiest way to increase your Tweets impression is to Tweet when your followers are most active. Tweets are displayed in back chronologic order. Just assume you have sent out a Tweet in the afternoon, but most of your followers don’t check their feeds until the evening. So, you may lose so many impression because of tweeting at the wrong time. You can use twitter analytics to know the best time to post your tweets according to your business or topic.

Tweet Frequently

If you want to increase impression then grow your Tweet frequency which may help to increase your impression. Unfortunately, there is no predictable number that works for everyone. You need to research with your followers and measure the results. Start on the lower end and gradually increase the number of times you Tweet each day. Soon you will understand and notice how well your followers respond.

Tweet Better Content

An audit from Fractl and Buzzstream found that the top reasons people unfollow brands on twitter are:

  • Too much self-promotion
  • Automated messaging
  • Or bad quality content

Always try to add values to your Tweets and keep it relevant and your followers will stay engaged. You need to analysis what type of content your followers resonate. If you don’t have any ideas then you can review the performance of your older Tweets. Look at the Tweets with the highest engagement and share more of that type of content. You can also re-share your tweet that has earned high engagement.

Encourage People to Retweet Your Content

Impressions don’t only increase people that see Tweets directly from you. It also has a great impact if you earn Retweets from other people. When you will earn more retweets from other people to share your Tweets with their audience, this will help you to boost your potential impressions beyond your twitter followers.

There has some tricks that can increase the number of retweets.

  • Adding the phrase “Please Retweet” increases your chances of being retweeted by 160%.
  • Use “@mention” specific users. They’ll receive a notification, and possibly Retweet, reply or like your Tweet.

Use Popular Hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the best ways to earn more impression, likes, retweets and new followers. Because the most popular hashtags help you to get your Tweets seen by people that aren’t following you. When people are looking for Tweets on a specific topic, they search popular industry hashtags. For example, the hashtag #SEO is common in our industry because it’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. You can use the different type of hashtags according to your content:

  • Find Trending Twitter Hashtags
  • Find Popular Twitter Hashtags
  • Visualize Your Hashtags

Almost all the tips and techniques are free or close to it without place an ad and the total process only require a little extra time and an adjustment to the post you may already be creating for Twitter. As I said before there have over 320 million monthly active users and it’s a great place to find new reader or customer around the world. You just have to follow the right strategies along with some tricks to get them to interact with you and your content.

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