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Are you want to exploit the newest social networking site on the web to get more followers? Although Vine is not as famous as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, it has millions of members that will help you to create a lot of engagement. Getting more Vine followers can be a bit tricky. But if you have a huge follower on your profile, people will gravitate towards you and see what you are all about. The more popular you become on Vine, the more people will love to connect with you. In order to grow your following on Vine, follow these 5 tips to get more followers:

1. Find a popular Viner in your niche

To get real and active followers on your Vine find a popular Viner account in your niche and then start following that person’s followers. But you need to make sure you are only following the people who are very likely to follow you back. If you continue the process you will naturally earn more follow backs, you will get more engagement for your 6-second videos.

And it’s important to keep your niche in mind. I suggest you follow those #FollowBack accounts. If you do so you will get a lot of Vine followers. I use this tricks to follow Viner’s, it helps me to gain 300 followers every day.

2. Post at least 1 Vine every day

The most popular people on Vine are posting at least one vine every day. Although the first tricks will grow your followers without requiring you to post on Vine. If you want to grow your account faster on Vine then you should post at least one post every day. The people with millions of followers on Vine are the ones who post new vines systematically.

Your audience will like or share your content and when this engagement for your vines increases, more people will hear about you and this will also help you to gain more followers on your account.

3. Tweet out your vines

You know Twitter is a big social networking site along with billions of users. If you connect Twitter to your Vine account, it may help you to grow your profile engagement. In addition, you get to tap into the audience that you already built on Twitter. The people who follow your tweets will be able to reach your Vine profile. And it’s a great way to get more engagement for your 6-second videos.

4. Post quality vines

There has a great distinction between a good 6-second video and a bad 6-second video. You know on Vine, funny and quality videos get more shares and likes. If you want to get in on becoming a successful Vine user, you’ll need to create a great 6-second video with good quality. You can use up to three popular hashtags when you post your Vine.

5. Comment on other people’s vines

Leaving comments on other people’s vines is an easy way to get noticed. But you need to make sure that you are providing some valuable comments when you comment on other people’s vines. And don’t just share a congratulation, support, or appreciation or follow back message. Try to add a relevant comment and this may help you to boost your chances of getting another follower.

Growing your Vine account is not very hard. Do you know most of the people on Vine with over 1 million followers are teenagers? Anyone has the ability to success on Vine if they know the right strategy. Our 5 ways to get more followers is a proven way to become popular on Vine and these methods will allow you to build a big audience on Vine very fast.

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