– How We Found Some Serious SEO Issues Of a Price Comparison Client u0026amp; Saved Them


Price Comparison or Deal Finder based Business are booming in all over the world. Recently we have worked with a client named ScopePrice who has a Price Comparison site where they compare prices of different products from Amazon, Wallmart, Ebay and so many other Ecommerce Sites.

After confirming the project; we did our SEO Audit and found they were absolutely going the wrong way.

When everyone was targeting Google and SEO to drive traffic to their Business site; they were actually missing the very fundamentals of optimizing their website for SEO.

We suggested a lot of stuff and they are going to redesign and restructure their website from now on.

This is how LateNightBirds saved them from investing hundreds or thousands dollars for the wrong path of doing business online in 2017.

So, in this SEO case study; we are going to share what exactly we have found on their website so that you can follow them as well and don’t make the same mistakes.

Here you go: