Keyword Research Service

Keyword Research Service

We Perfectly Research Keywords – You Do Better Businesses!

Buying Keywords That Sells

Start your business with keywords that people search while they are in buying mood. Don’t go with crappy words that generates crappy visitors.

In-Depth Keyword

We LateNightBirds own the best keyword research experts group and usually help people finding deep keywords by digging hundreds of thousands keyword. Those keywords are Gold Mine, you must say.

Long Tail Keywords Matters

We find Long Tail Keywords by analyzing your industry that no on could have ever imagined. More Long Tail Keywords means; more sales and less competition for your business.

Trendy Keywords

You may have a list of keywords following Google Data. But do you know Google Tool is showing you keywords following a whole year of search? Forget the past, let us research whats happening today in your industry!

No Language Barriers

No matter what language your website is based on, we can find profitable keywords for your Business. We work with data, language can’t stop us. Let us take care of your whole Keyword Research Campaign.

Focused On Organic Traffic

We only select a keyword for you after researching millions of related search queries on Google and Bing. We analyze each keywords potential keeping your business in mind.

Stay Way Ahead of Your Competitors – Have Best Keywords To Start With!

You may have wonderful product with a beautiful website to sell your products or services. But, how do people will find your website on Google or Bing? Well, your website don’t have any value unless it is found in Search Engines. We, LateNightBirds Keyword team find less competitive Keywords for your website so that you will start traffics almost instantly!

If You Talk About SEO; then 60% Is Keyword Research u0026amp; 40% Is Content u0026amp; Links! So, Invest Wisely u0026amp; Stand Above The Crowd!

We Analyze Every Aspects Possible To Finalize a Keyword

Let Us Find Long Tail Keywords That Your Clients Search!

Let us increase your Google Search visibility with some super long tail keywords that your clients are already searching but you missed that loophole. Our expert team will find those, grab those and implement on the keyword researching plan that would be submitted to you.

We, LateNightBirds already helped 255+ companies choosing the right search keyword sets and looking forward to work with you too. Check out our Keyword research packages now!


We have been 5+ years in the SEO Industry. Keyword Research techniques have  changed a lot since we started. So, these days, finding a profitable keyword is a job of pro and we can guarantee you to have best keywords ever of any industry you can think of.

Sale Matters, Volume Not!

While selecting a bunch of keywords for your business; it is highly recommend to go for buying keywords. Because, only buying keywords will bring sales for you. We, LateNightBirds already helped 255+ companies choosing the right search keyword sets.

Competitors in Mind!

You may have already seen the examples and graphs of how our keyword research process is basically done. Before finalizing a keyword, we dig every keywords deeply, find the competitors for the keywords, analyze them and select keywords that has low competition with good amount of search volumes/month.

Keyword Planning

We not only research profitable keywords for you, also we make sure finding right keyword for your homepages and sub-keyword sets for your blog and sub pages. We also give you a solid documentation of which keyword should input in where. If you are interested; check the pricing below!

  •  10 Keywords in a slot
  • Competitor research included
  • Keyword implementation plan included
  • Manually researched

  • 25 Manually Researched Keyword
  • Additional 15+ Long Tail Keywords
  • Competitor Research Sheet Attached
  • Well explained documentation of Keyword Implementation
  • Delivered with 1 week

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