Google Penalty Removal Service

Manual Penalty Removal Service

Lost Your Website Traffic By Google’s Manual Penalty? Online Businesses are Down To The Ground? Let Us Rise It Again!

We find the problem what actually causes you a pure spam manual action penalty and fix that out!

What We Make Sure While Fixing Manual Action Penalty?

We check what Google decided about your site on Webmaster Tools and go to take action!

  • Go to the root of your penalty and find what actually the wrong you did on your website that caused you this shit of pure spam manual penalty.
  • We run an In-depth manual analysis on each section of your website and create an action oriented plan to fix the issues.
  • Our expert team start fixing everything one by one. It ranges from Content to images, files to files and pages after pages.
  • We even check your backlink profile and disavow the negative links if required.
  • Eventually we send a reconsideration request to Google to check back your website again and remove the manual action penalty from your website.

Stuffs We Would Do In This Manual Action Penalty Removal Process?

We will use our spam u0026amp; penalty removal expertise here in the process. Lets look ahead:

We will audit u0026amp; find which type of manual penalty from this list you have affected by:

  • Unnatural Links to Your Site
  • Hacked Site
  • Thin Content
  • Pure Spam
  • User-Generated Spam
  • Cloaking and Sneaky Redirects
  • Hidden Text and Keyword Stuffing
  • Spammy Freehosts
  • Spammy Structured Markup

  • Page Speed Issues.
  • Code validation
  • Sitemap Issues.
  • Site Navigation and file structure
  • Template-specific recommendations
  • Internal linking strategies
  • External linking strategies

How We Remove Manual Action Penalty?

FAQ of our Manual Penalty Removal Services!

We will do everything manually first and test the data with tool later. So each audit will result a powerful and accurate check-list to apply on your website.Contact us at:

Your One Time Investment For Life

  •  Website Upto 250 Pages.

  •  Website Upto 500 Pages.

  •  Website Upto 1000 Pages.

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