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Let Us Handle Your SEO u0026amp; Online Marketing – You Save Your Money u0026amp; Time

After being a renowned SEO Company in International Market; we have started doing SEO for Bangladeshi Businesses u0026amp; Enterprises too!

What We Make Sure While Providing SEO Services?

A clear idea about what we would do as a SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh!

  • Fixing all the technical problems on your site that prevents Google to crawl your pages.
  • In-depth manual analysis of each section of your website and suggesting your development team on what to do next.
  • Your existing links profile and competitor’s link profile and a strategic plan.
  • Improving existing contents and meta to increase crawlability and ranking.
  • Keyword Researching and suggesting you what to target for the better ranking with minimum competing pages.
  • Setting up right content that generates higher dwell time, generating user intent based queries for existing contents and optimizing search CTR%.
  • SEO Siloing suggestions and site-wide internal linking plan.
  • Content Audit and improving suggestions in detail so that the writing team can deliver their best which ranks the site and keywords as well.
  • Connecting both the teams over Trello to have better communication u0026amp; proper reporting system between SEO service team and the site owners team.

Our SEO Checklist

Our SEO Service Team in Bangladesh will thoroughly audit your website and make a detailed plan following the issues below.OnPage SEO Checklist

  • Meta Title of a website built with any CMS
  • Meta Description
  • Schema Tags
  • Canonicalization Fixation
  • Robots.TXT Fixation
  • Sitemap u0026amp; Google Fetch
  • Site Speed Optimization u0026amp; Suggstions
  • Local SEO Tags optimization
  • GMB (Google My Business) Page u0026amp; Map Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Full Technical Audit u0026amp; Suggestions
  • Site Structure u0026amp; UI suggestions
  • Semantic Issues
  • Existing Content Audit u0026amp; Suggestions
  • List of Keyword Phrases that people search on your niche.
  • List of Contents That One Website Should Have On The Blog Section
  • Google Webmaster Tool Integration u0026amp; Error Removal.
  • Google Analytics Custom Data Reporting

Off Page SEO Checklist

  • Competitor link profile analysis
  • Link opportunity u0026amp; source profile creation
  • Guest posting script to build links following long term process
  • Listing key influencers on any niche
  • Disavowing harmful links
  • Anchor Text planning u0026amp; variation strategy
  • Social Profile monitoring for better social signals
  • Submission Backlinks Creation
  • .edu and .gov backlinks creation
  • Broken Link Building
  • Relationship Based Link Building
  • Guest posting for Links
  • Video Backlinks
  • Slides u0026amp; Docs Backlinks
  • Links from Comments Section of Websites u0026amp; Forums
  • Local Directory Links u0026amp; Citation Building
  • Content Focused Link Building
  • Digital Marketing as a whole.

Our Website Optimization Strategies For Search Engines!

FAQ of SEO Service in Bangladesh!

Ranking is totally dependent upon Google. But what we can tell you is, we can analyze the existing competitors and the top results and calculate the estimated time required to rank your website.

It may not be accurate all the time; but 80% of time our estimated ranking time has been correct so far.

Note: The Google Ranking time is dependent upon how much competitive your keywords are, how powerful the top ranked pages and and how long your competitors are in the online.Yes! If your target market is Bangladesh; then we will do SEO with Local SEO Techniques in our mind.

Its worth mentioning that; there are generally two kinds of SEO in this is Local SEO and another one is International SEO.

You can either target a specific region or country or  all over the world.

But targeting specific country or region is always the best idea as we will have to fight with less number of competitors.


Contact us at: We will send you a monthly report about everything we have done on that month. From the planning, strategy, link building, tweaking and SMM report; we will send you everything at the end of each month.Yes. The minimum contract is for 6 months. Though, you will start seeing the improvement right after 3-4 months…but the best results you will get after 6 months. 6 Months is the minimum as whatever we do follows White Hat SEO strategy and recommended by Google.We will take care of the external contents those will be used for SEO Marketing like Link Building, Guest Posting, PDF Creation, Video Creation, Audio creation and so on. But, you have to provide the contents that will be posted on your own website.

But, if you don’t have any inhouse writing team or don’t know anyone who can write for you; you can knock us to write for you as well. We have a dedicated content writing team and can produce awesome content for any niche of this world.We have a pretty large SEO Team in Dhaka, Bangladesh consists of 10 SEO Experts, Audio u0026amp; Video Editing Experts and 3 Content Writers. You can visit our office anytime at:

All of our team members are from different parts of Bangladesh and some expers are working remotely from outside of Dhaka as well. We also provide SEO training in Dhaka and after training them we recruit the best guys in our team.

So, our clients always get the quality SEO services and we are capable of handling any size of businesses either in Bangladesh or from anywhere of this world.Yes, as we will also take care of your Technical SEO Part; we may need to talk with your developers also.It depends.

Our SEO Package starting from $350/month to whatever it needs to rank for Bangladeshi website. For international Website, please contact us for the quote.

This package includes everything from Keyword Research to Link Building to ranking the keywords we both finalized.

Who We Provided SEO u0026amp; Online Marketing Services in Dhaka?

We have worked with AjkerDeal, Priyoshop, Dusbus, BelovedBD, AmarGadget, BDTax, ThemeFisher, ELF Cosmetics BD, ScopePrice, GetAndroidStuff, WeClipper and so many other companies. We have dealt with businesses alike Technology, E-Commerce, Web Applications, Blogs and Service Providing companies of Bangladesh.

All of the clients are pretty satisfied working with LateNightBirds and unlike other SEO service provider companies of Bangladesh; we treat all the clients in same manner. Even we take extra care to our local clients because we know, local clients are the assets of the business and easier to work with.

We initially thought that we will not work with any local Bangladeshi clients due to the pressure of International clients, but we eventually changed our thoughts and planned to help the local business owners and entrepreneurs as well. Because, ultimate when local business grows, your company will get more opportunity to work in locally.

Why Will You Hire LateNightBirds?

We have already worked with some large companies in Bangladesh and skyrocketed their organic traffics/visitors and helped them grow in revenue. Our proven success records and expertise made us unique in the SEO sector in Bangladesh and we are committed to providing best services for Local SEO as well. We are built with 10 guys who are working 8 hours a day for a given project collaborating with another 5 virtual team members to make sure the project is successful and ranking very high in Google and other search engines.

Check our Company Profile to check who we have worked with and why you should hire us for your SEO projects as well.

What Are The Results I Can Expect From SEO?

The SEO results are completely dependent upon the competition and the strength of the keywords you are targeting. If you target the local Bangladeshi market; then the competition is still low in 2017 and you can expect a first-page ranking within 4-5 months of starting the SEO projects with us. But for International market; the keyword might take 6-8 months to rank higher depending upon the competition.

Beside Keywords Ranking; we also make sure our clients choose the best keywords possible which can give you customers/clients/businesses and thus you make money. We believe when clients make money; we will make money too.

Want To Know More On How We Will Do SEO For You?

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